Five Tricks Every Smartphone User Should Know

It doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you have; Windows, Android, iPhone. It pays to be a savvy consumer. The following advice is designed to help you save money, save time, and avoid some of the heartaches of owning a phone. And hopefully, as a result of reading this, you’ll get more out of your smartphone experience.

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Don’t Bother With Insurance (Unless You’re Accident Prone)

Have you ever walked into a phone shop, only to be accosted by an earnest salesperson? Probably. And has said salesperson ever attempted to bolt on an insurance policy when you bought your contract? More than likely.

But do you need that insurance policy? Almost certainly not. Instead of paying the insurance premium, put aside the money you would have paid into the policy into a savings account. In fact, do this with any of the money you would have paid out on insurance for all your consumer products. Your savings account will soon fill up.

If the worst should happen and your phone does break or gets lost, you can always buy a replacement using the money in your account. Insurance is really for those people who have a history of breaking their phones. In which case, insurance might be justified.

Choose Plans Wisely

When shopping for a smartphone, sites like can prove to be extremely useful. Why? Because the smartphone market is a complicated place. And it’s not always clear whether or not you’re getting the best deal.

What most smartphone users don’t realise is how much better off they could be each month if they shopped around for the best deal in a clever way. Find out the best deal online, and then haggle with your provider for an even better deal. Tell them that if they want to keep your business, they’ll lower their price.

Learn Shortcuts

As it turns out, there’s almost always a way to do things faster on your phone than to trudge through endless menus. Most phones come with all sort of shortcuts that allow you to do just that.

On iPhones, you can swipe upwards from the bottom edge of the screen to pull up a quick setting menu. And you can double-tap the home button to call up a list of all the recent apps you’ve used.

Use Your Phone As A Hotspot

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could connect your PC or your laptop to the internet through your phone? It would mean that you could access the internet pretty much anywhere you had a phone signal.

Well, the truth is that you can! You just connect your phone to your laptop via USB and then pay your provider for tethering services, and voila! You’re connected.

Often, using your phone as a hotspot actually works out cheaper than buying a contract on a 4G enabled laptop.

Organise Your Home Screen

Homescreens tend to be a bit of a mess. Why not take a bit of time to organise your apps by how frequently you use them? That means you’ll spend less time looking for the apps you want and more time enjoying them.