5 major highlights from Battlegrounds Mobile India official announcement

5 major highlights from Battlegrounds Mobile India official announcement

Krafton Inc. recently revealed that PUBG Mobile is coming back to India and will be known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

An official announcement from Krafton Inc. has confirmed the release of a regional version of the famous battle royale game.

The Government of India banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020 for security reasons. After months of speculation, developers announced the battle royale game’s comeback in India.

This article will focus upon the 5 significant highlights from the Battlegrounds Mobile India official announcement.

PUBG Mobile India: 5 major highlights from the official announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile will be looking to reclaim the gaming market it once owned in India. Before the ban was imposed, PUBG Mobile had a significant share in the gaming market. Its popularity grew exponentially, and the ban came as a shock to millions of gamers across India.

After spending months in exile, PUBG Mobile has been given the green signal to make a comeback, albeit in an entirely different avatar known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Currently, the Indian Battle Royale market is primarily dominated by COD Mobile and Garena Free Fire. Battlegrounds Mobile India has a lot of ground to cover to take back the pole position. Therefore, developers have provided some unique aspects to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the public.

#5 Different from PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India is designed exclusively for India. The original PUBG Mobile won’t be coming back, and therefore, it is expected that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be different from PUBG Mobile.

Since the developer is the same, there won’t be any changes concerning game-play and graphics. However, since it is exclusively for the Indian gaming community, there can be changes in maps, weaponry, vehicles, and items.

#4 Exclusively for Indian gamers

Battleground Mobile India will only be released in India. The game is developed for the Indian gaming community, and no other country or region will be a part of it. The logo is designed according to the tri-colors of the Indian flag, which shows that this game is only for Indian gamers.

(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)
(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)

#3 Events and skins for Indian gamers

The original PUBG Mobile has many variations in-game by adding events and providing exclusive outfits to gamers. With Battlegrounds Mobile India being a region-specific game, we thought we wouldn’t be able to see these events and exclusive outfits. Krafton Inc. has revealed that Indian gamers will be getting these events and skins.

#2 Exclusive esports events

The Indian gaming community is growing and has the potential to expand. Krafton Inc. has analyzed the market thoroughly and has expressed its desire to work with partners to build a proper esports ecosystem in the country.

(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)
(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)

Esports events and competitions are frequent in the global sector, and gamers take part with the hope to win and get their hands on the prize pool. Krafton Inc. wishes to conduct such esports events in India through Battlegrounds Mobile India and boost the Indian gaming community.

#1 Game time limits for minors

Before the ban, PUBG Mobile received severe backlash as minors were getting too involved in the game. Keeping these instances in mind, Krafton Inc. has imposed certain in-game restrictions.

(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)
(Image via battlegroundsmobileindia.com)

Gamers under the age of 18 will be required to provide their guardian’s contact number. Apparently, consent would be taken from them to allow minors to play the game. Developers have introduced game time restrictions for minors. They’ll be able to play the game for a maximum of three hours a day.

Gamers will also face a restriction regarding in-game purchases as Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow a maximum expenditure of Rs 7000 per day.

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