8 teams banned from Free Fire City Open for using hacks

8 teams banned from Free Fire City Open for using hacks

The Free Fire Esports scene has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth ever since its release. Garena has been working tirelessly to grow and develop the title by organizing tournaments with massive prize pools. A major obstacle that they face is cheaters and hackers trying to use unfair means to qualify for tournaments.

The latest development regarding this comes from the ongoing Free Fire City Open 2021, an open tournament featuring teams from 8 cities in India, boasting a mass prize pool of 60 Lakh INR.

In an official update posted by Free Fire officials on various social media platforms, it was revealed that members from 8 teams were detected by the anti-cheat system to have used hacks during the online qualifiers held on April 30th 2021. According to the announcement, the teams and players have been subsequently banned from Free Fire and disqualified from the FFCO 2021.

Free Fire Esports India
Free Fire Esports India

List of the Disqualified and Banned teams from Free Fire city open:

1.) Daddy FF Gaming

2.) Tripura Boys




6.) BlackPearl

7.)RGX Army

8.)VIP Danger Boys

The officials also stated that the top 3000 teams from the City Open had been shortlisted for the second round of data verification where the teams will be asked to provide more information for verification purposes before being placed in their respective regional finals or the wildcard finals.

The officials also cleared that just receiving an in-game email will not guarantee the team’s spot in the FFCO 2021. The players will have to promptly submit their details, and failure to do so will be deemed as forfeiting their chances of playing in the event.

It was also revealed that the Top 12 highest scoring teams from each city will be placed in their respective city finals while the Top 12 teams who do not represent any city will be placed in the Wildcard Finals. The officials asked the players and teams to stay tuned for updates on official pages and also check their in-game email regularly.

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