Aaron Ramsey: What went wrong in Juventus?


When Aaron Ramsey left London, it seemed to him that the worst was over. Ahead is the chance to start a career over again and prove to skeptics that he is worthy of his stellar salary. But in Turin, things did not turn out quite the way he would have liked.

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At that time, Juventus was known not only for their victories in Serie A, but also for their smart purchases. The residents of Turin did not waste money, but behaved cautiously, and most of their high-profile purchases cost them practically nothing. Emre Can, Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba came as free agents, and Ramsey became one of the highest paid at the club – his salary was about 400 thousand pounds a week. Only Cristiano Ronaldo earned more.

But almost immediately, everything went wrong: Max Allegri left the club, and he was replaced by the fired from Chelsea Mauricio Sarri. For him, Ramsey remained a useful player – in the first season the Welshman entered the field 35 times and won the Scudetto. The midfielder himself scored a goal and an assist against Inter Milan. But the fans remembered more how much Ramsey missed due to frequent injuries.

“He is good, but it has something to do with the fact that he is finally in good physical shape and plays in the position of an attacking midfielder” – commented Sarri on the match with Inter. As a forward, Ramsey was often disappointing, but as a deeper eight he was up to par.

In the 2019/20 season, the experienced Sarri was noticed by the newcomer Andrea Pirlo, under whose leadership Juve significantly surrendered, for the first time in many years losing the Serie A title to another club. As for Ramsey, he had a very productive season, scoring two goals and making five assists in 30 games. He seemed inspired, which was confirmed by his phrase that Juventus had more fun, “but the statistics do not lie: from the first minutes he entered the field only in 13 cases. Most often, he sat on the bench – even when he was completely healthy.

Pirlo was fired, and in his place came an old acquaintance of Allegri, who initially approved the transfer of the Welshman. It would seem that here it is, a new chance, but no. In all competitions, Ramsey came out only once at the base, and many are sure that this was the end of his adventures in Italy. The conclusion suggests itself.

A career in Italy did not work out the way Ramsey would have liked. It will be fair to say that both he and Arsenal regretted the decision to leave. However, the decision to move was not necessarily a bad one, and when the midfielder played, he often did not disappoint. But having tried himself in a variety of systems, he could not convince the coaches to give him enough opportunities to show himself.

At one time, Arsenal legend Liam Brady also moved to Juve, but in Italy he was only disappointed. It seems that history repeats itself here. And while Ramsey waited for his chance at Juventus, the Gunners were desperate for goals from midfield.

Now, of course, there are a lot of rumors about how Ramsey might return to London. There, his rival Granit Jaka was injured, and Thomas Partey is preparing to leave the team on the eve of the African Nations Cup. One more midfielder will not be superfluous.

If Ramsey is available on loan, or if his contract is terminated, it will help him re-enter the field in every match. But even fans aren’t convinced that resurrecting old relationships is a good idea. Mikel Arteta looks forward, not backward, and is more interested in young performers. Not surprisingly, all summer signings were under 23. Arsenal are now the youngest team in the league.

Ramsey is 32 and injured frequently. This leads to the fact that there are not so many potential buyers. Arsenal already had enough aging players with big salaries.

One question remains – where next? Rumors also mentioned another English club, Newcastle. The Magpies are now with the money, and Eddie Howe might want a renowned midfielder with experience in the Premier League to join the club.

This may be the best option for him, as no one in Europe would offer Ramsey a contract with that salary. Like compatriot Gareth Bale, he found himself hostage to his exaggerated demands.

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