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Taliban capture in Afghanistan&nbsp

New Delhi: Taliban is back in Afghanistan. Due to this there is fear among people, especially women, there is a lot of fear. Afghan women are feeling deeply insecure due to the arrival of Taliban. In fact, the laws of the Taliban are very much against women. There are many restrictions imposed on women. It becomes difficult for them to live. And now with the return of the Taliban, there are going to be problems for women once again.

Such pictures are also coming out from Afghanistan. The situation is such that many beauty salon owners in Kabul are removing pictures of women from their shops.

Protests against the Taliban’s authority have begun in Afghanistan. In the pictures that are coming out from different cities of Afghanistan, people have come out on the streets with the flag of Afghanistan. Which is telling that the Taliban may have captured power on the basis of the gun, but the Taliban is not able to win the hearts of the people of Afghanistan. Two days after the capture of power, protests have started in different cities of Afghanistan. In some places, Taliban fighters have also been seen firing to suppress the protest of the people. The current situation shows that Afghanistan is moving towards a civil war-like situation.

Taliban fighters have resorted to weapons to suppress the voice of the people. To drive away the protesting people, Taliban fighters even opened fire. The Taliban terrorists are not even sparing women. Some Taliban militants tortured a woman on the middle of the road. The Taliban did not take pity on a vegetable seller and beat him in front of everyone in the middle market.

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