All you need to know- Technology News, Technomiz

All you need to know- Technology News, Technomiz

Koch Media has revealed Prime Matter, a new gaming label by the German-Austrian video game company. Prime Matter joins the previous four publishers by Koch Media Group namely Vertigo, Ravenscourt, Deep Silver, and Milestone. The headquarters of Prime Matter, like Ravenscourt, is in Germany’s Munich. Vertigo is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands while Deep Silver has its headquarter in Reading, England, as per the press release.

Speaking about the launch of the latest label, the CEO of Koch Klemens Kundratitz said that it is going to be the new home for ‘premium’ games. He added that Prime Matter will offer the expertise of the group to the current and future partners in addition to a dynamic team that can maximise the potential of these new games. Kundratitz said that the label aims to inspire gamers while also ensuring that the fundamental value of the gaming industry, which is fun, gets retained.

Under this label, Koch Media has announced several new titles and IPs. The video game Payday 3 by Sweden’s Starbreeze Studios will be published under the Prime Matter label. For the release of Blackbird Interactive’s game Crossfire: Legion, Prime Matter, and Smilegate will be collaborating.

According to the press release, Prime Matter will also be releasing the new Painkiller game and Kings Bounty 2.

Among the new IPs, the label is going to be publishing Dolmen by Brazilian Massive Work Studio, Echoes Of The End by Myrkur Games and Codename Final Form by Reikon Games, among several others.

Along with the new IPs and labels, some legacy games will also be published under the Prime Matter label including Outward for Gen 9 by Canada’s Nine Dots Studio, Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord by Turkey’s TaleWorlds and a new game by Warhorse Studios.

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