Anupamaa Spoiler Update: Pakhi and Rakhi’s fury in the house, Anupama throws Kavya and Vanraj out of the house

Anupamaa Spoiler Update: Pakhi and Rakhi’s fury in the house, Anupama throws Kavya and Vanraj out of the house

Anupamaa Updates spoiler anupama thrown kavya vanraj out of the house ?

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  • Anupama is going to see some interesting drama now.
  • Many twists are coming in the upcoming episodes of the serial.
  • In today’s episode, Pakhi and Samar will be seen fighting.

In today’s episode of Anupama, Pakhi and Samar will be seen fighting. Paritosh also gets involved in this fight, due to which he clashes with Samar. Seeing the three children like this, Bapuji gets sad and explains to them.

Next morning Kavya cooks breakfast for Pakhi. But Anupama is upset to see that she is eating sweets which will cause pain in her stomach. She tries to convince Pakhi but in return Pakhi tells Anupama how much money she should give for this. Then she goes to school with Kavya. Baa sees all this and Anupama and Baa console each other.

Vanraj and Anupama reconcile each other. Meanwhile, it is learned that another cafe has opened in their street. Vanraj distributes pamphlets on the road to promote his cafe. Samar and Anupama – both come to his aid. Paritosh and Rakhi Dave see this. Paritosh feels his inspiration in this matter and does not take the pamphlet from Vanraj. In the next scene, Rakhi reaches the Shah family’s house and tells everyone about the road. Rakhi and Vanraj get into an argument over this. Rakhi also follows Bapuji, whom Vanraj does not tolerate and the matter turns on Kinjal-Paritosh’s relationship.

In the coming part towards the end of the episode, it is seen that Anupama is very angry about something. She asks Kavya if she has a problem with Anupama and Vanraj’s friendship, to which Kavya says yes. After this Anupama says that Kavya’s husband’s cafe is running with her dance academy, if she has any problem then she should leave both Anupama’s house and factory with her husband.

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Will Kavya and Vanraj Shah leave the house now? Will Pakhi understand Anupama’s point? Will Rakhi separate Kinjal from the Shah family? Will Baa and Bapuji support Anupama this time too? For this, keep watching Anupama’s updates on Times Now Hindi continuously.

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