Anupamaa Tells Vanraj She Loves Him in Drunk State

Anupamaa Tells Vanraj She Loves Him in Drunk State

Anupama TV Show Latest Update: The top-rated daily soap these days – Anupamaa is going through a terrific twist currently. The Holi-special plotline continues and that shows an intoxicated Anupama opening up about her feelings to Vanraj. Those who are following the show would know that Rupali Ganguly‘s character Anupama has never played Holi in the last 25 years because Vanraj never liked playing with colours. Also Read – Anupamaa Actor Paras Kalnawat’s Father Passes Away Due to Heart Attack, Rupali Ganguli And Team Rushed to Hospital

In this year’s Holi-special episode, Anupama drinks bhaang and starts expressing herself loudly. She dances to the tunes of Tune Hothon Se Lagai Toh song, and then also tries to speak to Vanraj. In tonight’s episode, the audience will see Anupama finally speaking her heart out to Vanraj – telling him that while she sacrificed all her happiness for him, he always remained cold to her. Anupama also expresses just how much she loves him despite him ignoring her all these years. Also Read – Anupama Drinks Bhaang, Rupali Ganguly Dances to ‘Tune Hothon Se Lagayi Toh’ in Holi Special Episode – Watch Virulento Video

Before opening up to Vanraj and making him realise his mistakes in life, Anupama also speaks to Bapuji in an intoxicated state. She tells him that he didn’t stand up for her when it was required the way he used to do earlier, and had he supported her now, she wouldn’t have got humiliated by Rakhi and everyone else. She then goes to talk about her education and how she’s not considered smart like Kavya. Also Read – Anupama Massive Twist: Ram Kapoor Aka Anuj To Enter Anupama’s Life As Her Love Interest, Vanraj Gets Jealous

Meanwhile, Kavya tries to pull up the hearing date of Anupamaa and Vanraj’s divorce. She also swears to marry Vanraj soon.

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