Apex Legends Season 9 launch hype causes major issues; devs continue to iron out issues

Apex Legends Season 9 launch hype causes major issues; devs continue to iron out issues

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is quite possibly the biggest update to the game and was thus hyped as such, but perhaps, way too much. In what can only be the most puzzling situation for Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Season 9 has got off to a massively great start, perhaps too great for its own good.

Upon the launch of Season 9, Apex Legends servers and Origin saw a massive spike in outages, and the Marketplace seems to have been affected as well. Many players have claimed to have been locked out of the store as well as their favorite Legends.

This is not entirely new, as Season 7’s launch had brought about similar issues. Apex Legends devs have been hard at work getting all platforms up to standard, and things are starting to get better.

Apex Legends devs continue to post frequent updates regarding fixes

Most players are facing issues related to painfully slow matchmaking, if they were able to get to this stage at all. While it can be a bit frustrating, it is best to remember that many devs have been working remotely, which complicates matters to an exponential degree.

Still, the devs have been hard at work, and many issues have been fixed to a workable degree. While some minor problems persist, Apex Legends is getting back on its feet slowly but surely.

One of the biggest takeaways that fans have gleaned is just how popular the game has become. Into its ninth season at this point, Apex Legends has been unbelievably successful for both EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Competing in the same space as Fortnite is undoubtedly a tall order for any game, but Apex seems to have fared better than almost any other BR title.

Season 9 holds a lot of interesting things for players, such as a new Legend in Valkyrie, a new weapon, the Boceck Bow, among changes to the meta.

However, the biggest of the changes is the Arena Mode, a 3v3 game mode that pits two teams against one another in competitive and fast-paced combat.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy might have gotten off to a rocky start, but it’s hopefully going to be a smooth ride from here on out.

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