Canada experiencing scorching weather these days heatwave viral video candies

Canada experiencing scorching weather these days heatwave viral video candies

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Worse than heat in Canada&nbsp

New Delhi: It is a hot summer in Canada these days. The temperature is over 40 degrees. The hot air is creating more chaos than expected. Social media has been flooded with photos and videos in the past few days, showing how hot it is in different provinces. Now another example of this has gone viral which will blow your senses.

A user named Joe, from Calgary, Alberta, shared a video on Twitter in which it can be seen that some things are kept in a plate, which completely melts in a short time. It is told in the video that the candy melts completely in an hour. The man put the gummy beers on the plate in the sun and they melted completely in 1 hour.

The heat wave in Canada is such that more than 230 people have died in the scorching heat in the British Columbia province. From last June 25, a record-breaking heat has started in the western region of the country. On Wednesday, Xinhua news agency quoted local media reports as saying that the heatwave lasted for such a long time and it was so hot in Canada that it is completely unprecedented in history. Hotels in Vancouver were fully booked on Monday, leaving locals desperate to escape. Metro Vancouver police said on Tuesday they had recorded more than 100 sudden deaths since the heat wave.

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Cities in British Columbia in western Canada broke at least 59 years of previous temperature records, including Lytton, where nationwide records have been set. British Columbia Premier John Horgan said the province had experienced its hottest week ever, with devastating consequences for families and communities.

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