Condominium Management in Ontario: What You Need to Know About Maintenance and Repairs

Knowing the ins and outs of maintaining and repairing your unit and the common spaces is crucial if you own a condominium in Ontario. Condominium management in Burlington, like CityTowers , can help you navigate the complex world of condo maintenance and repairs.

Common Elements and Common Expenses

Owners of condominiums enjoy sole ownership of their individual units, but they also jointly control the building’s shared areas. The areas of a building that are shared by all units, such as corridors, elevators, and the roof, are known as common components. The expenditures incurred for maintaining and fixing the common parts are referred to as common expenses. These expenses are shared among all unit owners, and they are typically outlined in the condominium corporation’s budget.

Reserve Funds and Condo Corporations

The communal spaces must be managed and maintained by condominium societies. They are also in charge of establishing the budget and gathering the ongoing expenses. Condominium associations are obligated to create a reserve fund to handle unforeseen maintenance and repairs to the common areas. The reserve fund is financed by payments from the owners of the units as well as income on the fund. The corporation must also have a strategy for appropriately funding the reserve money.

Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities

The establishment of a reserve fund by condominium organizations is essential to cover unanticipated upkeep and repairs to the common spaces. This includes both necessary repairs and improvements, such elevator or roof replacements, as well as routine maintenance like cleaning and snow removal. It is the owner’s obligation to maintain and repair any improvements made by them to the fixtures in the unit. This covers fixing damage brought on either the owner or their visitors, such as changing light bulbs or faucets.

Reporting Maintenance and Repair Issues

If you notice a problem that requires service, such as a leaky faucet or a broken elevator, you must report it to the condominium corporation. Depending on the severity of the problem, the corporation can either fix it immediately or add it to their maintenance schedule. If the problem is with your device, you should contact a qualified contractor to carry out repairs. It is critical to report any issues in a timely manner to prevent further damage and ensure prompt repairs.

Hiring Contractors

If you need to hire a contractor to do maintenance or repairs on your unit, it’s critical to locate a qualified and licensed professional. You might contact the management firm for your condo or other unit owners for advice. Prior to beginning work, you should confirm that the contractor has liability insurance and has acquired all the permissions. A formal contract outlining the task scope, delivery schedule, and payment terms is also essential.


You may get assistance navigating the complicated world of condo maintenance and repairs from City Towers Property Management and other Ontario condominium management businesses. If you own a condo, it’s important to understand your responsibilities as well as those of the condo company with regard to upkeep and repairs. Reporting issues promptly and hiring qualified contractors can help ensure that your unit and the common elements are well-maintained and safe. By working together with your condo management company and other unit owners, you can help keep your condominium in top condition.