dogs death sentence pakistan| Pet dogs get death sentence in Karachi pakistan for attacking and injuring a lawyer

dogs death sentence pakistan| Pet dogs get death sentence in Karachi pakistan for attacking and injuring a lawyer

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  • Two dogs injured a lawyer in Karachi, Pakistan
  • Later, under the agreement between the dog owner and the victim, both the dogs were sentenced to death.
  • A video footage of this incident is going viral on social media.

New Delhi: Strange cases keep coming up in India’s neighboring country Pakistan, in a recent development, such an incident has come to the fore that you will also be surprised to know. There two pet dogs bit a man passing by the road, due to which he was badly injured, he was a lawyer, he did a different job to teach him a lesson after this incident, which is being highly criticized. .

Two pet dogs will be killed for attacking a senior advocate who went for a morning walk in a posh area of ​​Karachi, Pakistan. The death sentences awarded to the two pets found guilty are said to be part of an out-of-court settlement between the lawyer and the pet owner.

Apart from this, Khan will also give 10 lakh rupees to the local shelter. Before the agreement, Khan had applied for bail in the court, two of his employees were kept in custody by the police.

what was this whole incident

These two German Shepard dogs had injured Mirza Akhtar, a lawyer by profession, when he went out for a walk in the morning. The dog’s owner Humayun Khan has apologized to Akhtar and a fine of 10 lakh Pakistani rupees has also been imposed on him. Both the dogs attacked Mirza and he kept trying to save himself, later Khan came and rescued him but by then Akhtar was badly injured.

Doctors will put the dogs to death immediately

An agreement was reached between the two outside the court and Akhtar has accepted an apology to the dog’s owner Humayun Khan, under which it is being told that the doctors will immediately put both the dogs involved in this incident to death, along with Khan’s death. If there is another such dog nearby, he will hand it over to him too. Apart from these, a dog has to be registered with the Clifton Cantt Board and it will not go out on the road without a handler.

People are calling this agreement inhuman

At the same time, the people of the animal association are calling this agreement inhuman and opposing it. He says that there is a lot of protest in the country about why the animals are being punished for the negligence of the dog handlers.

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Video Credit- Ghulam Abbas Shah@ghulamabbasshah_Twitter

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