From Coffee to Toilet Paper, Supply of These Products to be Affected

From Coffee to Toilet Paper, Supply of These Products to be Affected

New Delhi: There could be a shortages of toilet paper, coffee, furniture, and other imported goods, as a large container ship, ‘Ever Given’ remains stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal, the busiest waterway in the world, said a Business Insider report on Saturday. Depending on how long it takes to move the giant 224,000-ton ship – said to be bigger than the Empire State Building – that ran aground on Tuesday, consumers could see a shortage of numerous items across the world. Also Read – Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Launches Tidal Wave of Memes, Many Are Reminded of ‘Pivot’ Scene From FRIENDS!

The Suez Canal accounts for about 30 per cent of universal container ship traffic each day. If the Ever Given isn’t freed soon, the logjam could impact the oil market, shipping and container rates, leading to a rise in the cost of everyday goods. It will affect “basically anything you see in the stores,” Lars Jensen, an independent container-shipping expert based in Denmark, told NBC News. About 12% of universal trade moves through the Suez Canal, the Egyptian waterway that connects Europe and Asia. Also Read – Suez Canal Could Be Blocked For Weeks; All-Indian Crew of Ever Given Container Ship Safe

Coffee supplies could be affected

The Suez Canal jam is also blocking shipping containers full of the type of coffee used in Nescafe instant coffee, reported news agency Bloomberg. A coffee shortage would likely be felt more keenly in Europe but could reverberate worldwide, as the waterway is blocking key shipments between Vietnam and Europe, Bloomberg reported. The blockage could soon affect coffee availability in stores and cafes, especially considering that coffee companies have been feeling the pinch of shipping-container shortages for the past few months, the report said. Also Read – Can This Intelligent Dog Solve The Suez Canal Blockade? Watch Virulento Video

Another toilet-paper shortage

One of the biggest producers of the pulp used to create toilet paper, Suzano SA, told Bloomberg that the Suez Canal jam would likely delay wood-pulp shipments and, as a result, the availability of toilet paper in stores. Some people have taken to stockpiling toilet paper and household goods because of the coronavirus pandemic. They could soon be facing a similar situation as they were a year ago when toilet-paper availability was at a premium. Toilet-paper prices may also go up as port delays even outside the Suez Canal increase the price of shipping overseas.

Delays in furniture deliveries reported

Shoppers are already seeing furniture-delivery dates delayed for several months. During a third-quarter earnings call in February, La-Z-Boy executives said customers should expect delivery dates that are five to nine months out from the purchase date, the Business Insider report said. The delay in availability has been made worse by congestion at ports, especially in Southern California, a key drop-off for containers from Asia. The Suez blockage isn’t likely to help.

Gas prices may continue to skyrocket

Gas prices have skyrocketed over the past month as demand rises and OPEC has been slow to boost production. The Suez Canal blockage is likely to push prices higher still. Oil shipments going through the Suez Canal account for about 5% to 10% of universal shipments, David Fyfe, the chief economist at Argus Media, told NBC News.

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