Funny Video: Woman coming down the stairs then what happened watch video

Funny Video: Woman coming down the stairs then what happened watch video

Woman Fall Down from stairs

Woman fell down the ladder &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspInstagram


  • The woman lost her senses in excitement!
  • collapsed while descending the ladder
  • people are laughing watching the video

Funny Video: When on social media, no one knows what to see? Sometimes things are laughable in these, and some things are surprising to see. Whereas, some cases directly touch the hearts of the people. These include videos ranging from animals to humans. Not only this, some people make and share funny videos of themselves, which become viral on sight and they also get millions of views on them. In this episode, such a video has come out, after watching which believe me you will definitely say, ‘It is called losing consciousness in passion’.

Often you must have heard people saying that one should never lose consciousness in passion. Because, doing so can lead to incidents. Sometimes people even lose their lives. Something similar happened to a woman who did something out of enthusiasm and she could hardly forget the result. As you can see in the video a woman is coming down the stairs. Suddenly she gets excited and tries to get down enjoying it. But, before the next one, her balance gets disturbed and she slips and falls and starts to slide. So first of all watch this funny video…

Will not stop laughing after watching the video…

After watching the video, you must also feel that one should never lose consciousness in the real enthusiasm or else the result can be fatal. However, after watching this video, people are not able to stop their laughter. This video has been shared on Instagram with the name ‘urban._jatts’. So far, about 50 thousand people have watched this video and are also giving very funny reactions to this video. So how did you like this video and tell me by commenting.

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