How Does Car Shipping Work For A Luxury Model

Luxury cars are an incredible investment, making transporting these vehicles a bit more stressful than the average auto. All cars must arrive at their final destination in the same condition as when they were initially picked up, but with a luxury car, more care and attention are required with the move.

The owner must find a car shipping company specializing in hauling high-value autos. These businesses will have procedures in place for extra protection, albeit there are additional fees for extensive services. That’s not usually a concern with a valuable asset.

There are three methods for shipping either land, sea, or air. Of course, land is the slowest means and least expensive. Air travel is the costliest, and the sea has the longest travel time but a lower price point.

When shipping internationally, the air is rarely the means chosen but is an option for luxury or classic, rare, or antique vehicles. The suggestion is only to make this choice if the price point is affordable since it is undoubtedly a considerable cost for most budgets. Let’s look more closely at preparing to ship a valuable vehicle.

Tips On Moving A Luxury Car From One Destination to Another

Transporting an auto to a new location can be stressful, particularly if it involves a significant distance. That tension can increase when you have a hefty investment in the vehicle, a luxury car, or a classic.

These owners want to preserve their investment by shipping them instead of putting wear and tear or additional mileage by driving to a long-distance location, or if transitioning overseas, they don’t want to sell what they’ve worked so hard to achieve due to a move.

On the other hand, it’s also difficult to give the responsibility of the auto to another individual.

That means researching extensively to hire a car shipping company specializing in shipping luxury cars, particularly your make and model, so special care is taken in the handling, allowing it to be delivered in the same condition it was picked up in.

In delivering luxury cars, a few specific services are at a higher price point, but these cater more readily to the protection and safety of the autos. Something worth the extra investment. Find out how long it takes to ship a vehicle overseas at and consider these suggestions for sending a luxury car across the country, to another state, or overseas.

·        Enclose a high-value car in a carrier 

Most commonly, people will choose open-air car shipping as the most budget-friendly option for transporting their vehicles by ground. Many auto transport companies recommend taking advantage of the enclosed carriers for high-value autos, including custom models, classic cars, and on.

These travel trailers offer greater security, protection, and safety than open-air carriers from potential torrential conditions or dangerous road situations. The impact-resistant walls of the trailer surround the vehicles with the capacity to withstand extreme pressure from external elements.

·        International travel requires either boat or air transport

The safest, most secure, and fastest method for transporting overseas is via air freight auto shipping. The valuable car will be moved in a fraction of the time as any other mode of transportation, albeit it is less common than other options. It is available for domestic and international travel, but the price point is exceptional.

Many luxury auto owners choose this option because their car is a significant investment, making air freight another wise expense. With this method, comparing car shipping companies for the most reputable, cost-efficient, trustworthy, and experienced is essential. Go here for details on transporting via air freight.

·        Ocean freight shipping is another safe choice for a valued possession

Ocean transport is among the common choices for auto shipping when traveling internationally. The options with this method include container transport or roll-on/roll-off. With roll-on/roll-off, the vehicle is secured on the ship’s deck to avoid shifting while traveling to its destination.

This is not recommended for a luxury car since it will be openly exposed to any weather conditions or hazards while traveling to the destination.

Container service is a much more secure option for these high-value vehicles since they will be entirely enclosed, with the possibility of placing yours in a container for the car individually or a bigger size to include your other personal possessions plus the auto. While this is a higher price point, it also reduces stress with the journey.

Final Thought

Another service you can opt for is having the car picked up at your residence and delivered to your new location, door-to-door, instead of navigating from terminal to terminal. This can be especially beneficial if you have a classic or antique that doesn’t run or you don’t want to run.

When you find a car transport company specializing in luxury or classic cars, you can rest assured your auto will be safe, secure, and protected until it’s back in your hands.