How Many Types Of Casino Games Are There

Users ask how many varieties of gambling there are. There are dozens of them. In this case, Fair Go casino real money is not considered an exception. This is a platform, which was developed by the inhabitants of Australia. Site users appreciated the user-friendly interface. The pluses include a system of bonuses, loyalty points, and regular promotions.

You can take into account the recommendations on the choice of online casino for Australian players, considering the laws of the country, which are tightened every year. Experts have made a selection of sites where you can bet for credits and real money. All sites are checked, they meet the security criteria. Their owners have obtained licenses. If you want, you can check the authorization documents by numbers.

General information about the casino games is on the page,of%20casino%20employees%20to%20play. Users are advised to pay attention to the category paragraph. It does not only contain a list of popular types of gambling.

Famous Varieties of Casino Games

The basic information about the categories of games is collected in the table.

1 Card games (poker, blackjack, baccarat)
2 Table games (craps, roulette European and American style)
3 Video poker (dozens of titles)
4 Slots (with a random number generator)


Now let’s talk about it in order.

Card Games


In baccarat you need to score as many points as possible. To do this, players use two or three cards (each has its own value). Strategies depend on the type of bet selected. There are three options:

  • on the banker;
  • on a player;
  • on a draw.

Professionals prefer the first two. In the third case, despite the high coefficient, the probability of winning is reduced to a minimum.


In Blackjack you need to score 21 points. A lower amount (20 points) is appropriate if the dealer is significantly under- or over-counted. The rules of scoring are important. For example, cards with numbers are paid by nominal value. For pictures users get 10 points. For an ace, you can earn 1 or 11 points (depending on the rules of a particular machine).

Regularly the news appears related to this game. You can watch them on the BBC channel or read the electronic version. For example, on the page It tells how one of the lucky ones managed to win the jackpot. It is Andy Green, who played from a cell phone.


Poker is a game of professionals. There are several varieties. They are grouped into one category because of similar rules. The player can increase the bet, swap cards or pass. Popular varieties include:

  • Caribbean;
  • Oasis;
  • Texas Holdem.

The player’s task is to build a stronger combination than the croupier. The biggest winnings are for the royal flush.

Video Poker

Video poker is a combination of a machine and a card game. The last are allowed to change only once. The variants that are suitable for making poker combinations are highlighted. Users choose this type of games because of the minimum casino advantage. The RTP figure is higher than in standard slots with reels and lines.

Table Games

Among table games, roulette with different numbers of green sectors stands out. The European and French versions have one zero. Thanks to this, the advantage of the casino is reduced to a minimum. The most profitable bet is on one number. It is triggered by guessing the place where the ball will fall. You can bet on two nearby numbers or three sectors in a row.

Dozens and columns are among the inside bets. Another variety is equal chances:

  • red/black;
  • small/large;
  • even/odd.

In French roulette the playing field is different. Users can make the same types of bets. There are rules for En Prison and La Partage. They are in effect when a zero occurs. In American roulette there are two green sectors (0 and 00). Because of this, the casino’s advantage is doubled.

Is it Worth Playing with Live Dealers

All of the games listed above can be played with live dealers. In this case, visitors to virtual halls feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino. The croupier is clearly visible on the screen thanks to the built-in video cameras that are located in the studio. You can see how the casino employee moves around the room. Users watch his every move.

It is believed that the slightest cheating is impossible. Committing it in front of customers is risky. There are other advantages. For example, sound accompaniment. Immediately after loading the croupier calls to make bets. In this case, the chips in the selected cells must be placed independently. During the distribution of cards there is a rustling sound.


There is a large part of the online casino’s collection of slots. Often their number exceeds 1,000. Fans of the classics choose slots with a fruit theme, where there are no additional options. Recently, there have been slots with 3D graphics. They include an introductory movie or the main character walking around the screen.

In addition to an interesting storyline, there are a number of features. These include:

  • Wild symbol to replace unsuccessful pictures;
  • Scatter icon with pay without reference to the lines;
  • free spins reels;
  • themed bonus games;
  • the possibility of doubling the payout.

There are machines with the option to buy a bonus. Should I use this option or not? Each player decides for himself.

Conclusion: Which Category of Games Can Be Called the Best

It is difficult to name the best category of games. Users choose the best variety depending on their own preferences. With the right approach it is possible to win regularly in poker, but this requires special knowledge. If they are minimal, it is worth choosing blackjack or baccarat. These games have simple rules.

Standard slots are more suitable for beginners. Winning them depends only on the RNG. You do not need any special knowledge and skills. It is enough to adjust the size of the bet and run the reels. When they stop, users see the result. This is a loss or the formation of a winning combination.

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