An Easy Guide On How to Clean Nespresso Machine

Before we discuss the easy steps on how to clean Nespresso Machine, We need to know how this machine works to avoid any kind of malfunction as it needs electricity to work and a little mistake can lead to a hazardous situation.

Nespresso is a combined name of Nestle and Espresso. The only ingredients used in making Espresso are Water and Coffee. The Espresso pods get spilt in the machine and heated water mixes it with force to make a perfect cup of Espresso. This process is easy as you get your Espresso instantly. But its cleaning process is little more than easy and less than hard as you only need to clean it once a year. 


Espresso is a form of brewed coffee. To brew a coffee you need to force the water flow with a high boiling point (about 90 Degree celsius) on grinded coffee beans. This brewed coffee results in little foam and bubbles popping out in the cup.

There are three phases which makes a perfect cup of Espresso :

Phase 1 : Emulsion of Oil Droplets

Phase 2 : Suspended Solids

Phase 3 : Layer of Gas bubble or foam.

How to Clean Nespresso Machine

Why is Descaling necessary?

Anything that is used in the process of cooking or making any dish needs to be clean to avoid any mess and infection. Nespresso Machine is one of those items which are regularly used by us. Descaling means to clean the machine and throw any residue left inside it. Espresso and its pods are put inside the Nespresso machine for every cup of Espresso. Even though you do not need to clean it everyday, still, once a year, it is really important to drain out the residue. The coffee pods and beans get collected in the filter and cause the drainage problem. It can result in malfunctioning of the machine.

Descaling Solution : There is a kind of Descaling solution that comes with the Nespresso Machine to clean it once a year. The chemicals used in the Descaling solution are not harmful for your body because regular cleaning agents like dish wash soap or powder gets stuck and its little components can get mixed in our coffee. But a descaling solution does not get mixed in the coffee or harm you in any way. All you need to do is mix the solution in water and put it under the coffee outlet and let it clean itself.

Steps on how to clean Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machines are especially designed to provide a perfect cup of Espresso and when you wish to get a perfect cup, you need to understand one thing : Descaling your Nespresso Machine

We already know about its importance. Let quickly move on to know about how to clean Nespresso Machine :-

Step 1 – Cleaning your Nespresso Machine is important once or twice a year. Empty the container. Remove all capsules left in the machine of previous use.

Step 2 – Drip out the remaining water from the container and tray.

Step 3 – Place a container of about 1 Litre which can easily fit under the coffee outlet.

Step 4 – Now long press on the two big buttons for 3 seconds or just count to three while pressing the buttons.

Step 5 – When both buttons turn red, remove the container and empty it.

Step 6 – Now, fill the container with 500ml clean water mixed with the Descaling solution and place it under the coffee outlet again.

Step 7 – Wait till the buttons turn green as you long press both. It is a sign of activation of the descaling mode in Nespresso Machine.

Step 8 – Press the LUNGO BUTTON to start the descaling process.

Step 9 – After you press this button, the descaling process will happen automatically. Just wait till the solution flows through the interior part of the machine and then drip the remaining water from the container.

Step 10 – After cleaning it, Preheat the machine and put clean water and new Espresso Pods inside it.

So these are the main steps to let you know about how to clean Nespresso Machine.

How to Clean Nespresso Machine

Side Tips while cleaning the Nespresso Machine 

Now that you know every step on how to clean Nespresso Machine, here are some side tips about the Descaling process.

  • In a case when you do not have a descaling solution or it is already used. You can add vinegar solution in water and repeat the same process mentioned above to clean the Nespresso Machine.
  • Clean the Nespresso Machine with a soft linen cloth to dry the outer area.
  • Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals during the descaling process.
  • The container can be cleaned by taking it out separately.
  • Avoid using the machine near wet areas due to device malfunction reasons.
  • Always check if the container is placed correctly before starting the machine.
  • If the espresso spills while you make it, gently wipe the area with a soft cloth and do not over clean it with soap or scrub.