How to Easily Sideload Apps on Any iPhone


As all people know, the iPhone operating system is very different from Android. There are many differences that sometimes confuse novice iPhone users. One of them and the most important one is how to download apps to the iPhone.

Sooner or later, everyone who owns an iOS device, whether it is an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is faced with the need to install an application on his own. This can be a game (paid, free, conditionally free) or a software, there is no difference in the method of installation.

Apple developers follow a strict approach when it comes to apps. Sideloading apps is allowed only if the products are present in the list of the official App Store. All other options do not inspire confidence in reliability and safety. Therefore, they will simply be blocked by the operating system iOS.

Of course, whenever you need to install any program or game from the Apple software store, you can go to the service center specializing in the repair and maintenance of devices based on iOS, but it is so impractical, because it is very easy to install programs and games from the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


2 optimal ways to download the app

All owners of apple gadgets can use two installation options:

  1. Using the App Store platform without involving additional devices. The process requires only a smartphone and mobile Internet.
  2. Via iTunes. The device is connected via wi-fi or usb cable to a PC, laptop.

To use these options, the customer should have an active account.

Downloading via the Apple Store

The program is pre-installed on any version of IPhone and offers hundreds of thousands of applications and files. You need an active mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection to download the products. Then, follow the instructions:

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone to access the App Store page. 
  2. From the suggested list, you should select the appropriate option to install and select the “Download” button at the top of the screen.
  3. Confirm your decision. You should do this with your Apple ID account password. The latest models of devices with Touch ID have a fingerprint scanning sensor, so all you have to do is put your finger on it.
  4. Follow the process. After successful authorization, the system will let the user go on and open the possibility of installing the software. A download percentage chart will be displayed on the screen.

It is important for users to know that the Apple Store platform offers both paid and completely free products. Even if the software provides for downloading without money, it may have paid options. You can easily learn about these nuances from the description. 

To buy a paid application, you should make a payment with a bank card or funds from your personal Apple ID account.

Via QR code

Graphical encrypted keys have been popular these days. Having scanned the symbol with the phone camera, you will be redirected to the download page. Then, everything happens according to the above plan.

Downloading via iTunes

A powerful tool is specially developed by Apple employees for exchanging data between devices, storing and transferring information to the smartphone, and tracking the location. But the main purpose of the program is to download applications to the apple gadget. 

The intuitive interface allows all customers to start using it immediately after installing it on their PC. Follow two simple steps:

  1. Download the program from the official Apple website.
  2. Enter your Apple ID registration information.

Then, you should set up iTunes for easier operation. Connect your smartphone to your PC with a cable and launch the program. Select the device in the iTunes window. In the “Browse” item, activate the checkbox “Synchronize this iPad via Wi-Fi” and click “Apply”. A successful synchronization will save the user from having to connect with a cable. Now, actions can be done remotely.

By activating the “Automatic download of new programs”, it is possible to select the software, which will be downloaded independently without the participation of the user.

Downloading applications is carried out according to the following mechanism:

  • launch iTunes;
  • select the App Store in the “Programs” section;
  • choose the product you want to install;
  • tap on the “Download” button, enter authorization information and wait;
  • Select the iPhone in the list and click ” Synchronize”.

After these consecutive steps, the application will automatically move to your mobile device. 

As you can see, the process of downloading and installing an application on the iPhone is not so complicated. It is difficult for newcomers to initially understand all the intricacies of the iOS operating system, but after a few days of interaction with the iPhone, they are quite able to perform most operations and already own the device as a confident user. 

Therefore, for those of you who only have an iPhone, it’s important to understand how to download an app to the device. If you haven’t found the answer to your question, we recommend reading this article.