How to Get Rid of Creases in Shoes in Simple Steps

How to Get Rid of Creases in Shoes in Simple Steps

Seeing creases and wrinkles in your shoes may seriously undermine your sense of style, whether they are your fancy dress shoes or your brand-new kicks. Fortunately, it’s rather simple how to get rid of creases in shoes from leather and suede. You can get your shoes back to crisp and clean with the appropriate products, patience, and heat. To clean and eliminate creases, give fabric and canvas shoes a thorough washing and drying. Leather shoes may wrinkle naturally, especially if they have been misused, badly kept, or improperly maintained.

Can you, however, get creases out of leather shoes? Yes, it is the answer. You must utilize ironing on a gentle heat setting and a premium conditioner to remove wrinkles from leather shoes.

how to get rid of creases in shoes
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Learn Here How to Get Rid of Creases in Shoes:

Shoes Should Be Spot-Cleaned With Soap

Cleaning your leather shoes thoroughly is the first step in removing creases. Use a cleaning brush to remove any sand, grime, or dust that may have accumulated on your shoes.

Then, use a clean, lint-free cloth to spray a suede cleaning fluid or saddle soap on the outside of your shoe to remove any minor scuffs or stubborn dirt.

Choose the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaning product, which is made for leather and includes saddle soaps and other natural products, if you’re looking for a shoe soap option.

These treatments will assist in removing different types of impurities and preventing any foreign substances from adhering to the leather of your shoes.

After using a leather soap solution to wash your boots thoroughly, you should brush your footwear dry to eliminate any residual soap that may have remained on the surface.

Take Shoes’ Laces Off

You should unlace both of your shoes after washing them with a leather cleaning solution and drying them off. This improves your ability to reach the creases. You can put your laces aside for the time being.

Put Newspapers in Your Shoes

You should put newspaper inside each shoe after removing the shoelaces to expand the leather outward. By doing this, you can create a mold of your foot within the shoe and smooth out any wrinkles that might be there.

Although shoe trees are ideal for keeping leather shoes, we don’t advise using them always for how to get rid of creases in shoes because they occasionally don’t stretch out the places where their creases are because they have a firm surface.

Quite enough newspapers should be placed to smooth out the creases. The leather will be overstretched if the shoes are overstuffed with newspapers, losing their original look and shape.

Cover Shoes with a Damp Cloth

The most important step must be properly followed for the finest outcomes. Place a gentle, lint-free cloth or damp towel on your pair of boots. It is crucial to make sure the fabric is only damp with moisture, not dripping wet (excess contact with water can be detrimental to leather quality).

We advise using a white cloth for the operation to reduce the possibility of color transferring from the fabric onto the leather shoes. Please don’t miss this step because doing so could cause your leather shoes to melt and burn rather than smoothing out the creases.

Cover Shoes with a Damp Cloth
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Iron Shoes With Low-Heat Setting

Your leather shoes should be dampened with a damp cloth before being ironed slowly and delicately in a low-heat setting. As you gently push your iron on the damp cloth, steam will start to come out of it.

The leather is softened and stretched by the hot steam, which also helps to get rid of creases in shoes. You must take care not to leave the iron in one place for an extended period. Work over the entire exterior of the leather shoe, alternating between various wrinkled areas for about Three seconds at a time.

In order to avoid scorching the leather, try your best to use the iron lightly and gently. You must make sure that the fabric is moist during the operation because removing stubborn wrinkles could require several passes.

To prevent scorching your hands, we advise working slowly and paying attention to places with significant creasing. If your cloth starts to dry out, softly dampen it again and keep going until you are happy with the outcome.

Apply Leather Conditioner To Shoes

It’s crucial to resupply your leather shoes with essential oils to prevent the leather from becoming brittle as moisture and steam dry up the substance. A leather conditioner helps replenish the essential natural oils in your leather shoes so that no new wrinkles or cracks can emerge.

Spray a leather conditioner on the leather of your shoes using a dry towel after making sure they are completely free of moisture. It works with any top-notch leather conditioner. If you’re searching for a suggestion, the KIWI Shoe Conditioner Oil has worked incredibly well for us.

Reattach Shoe Laces

You should re-lace your leather shoes after smoothing out creases and polishing them with leather conditioner so that you can find the full effect.

Keep Shoes Properly Stored

You must store your leather shoes carefully in a cool, dry, and shaded area if you want them to last you for years. Choose a dry, clean shoebox to store your leather shoes and set a pair of shoe trees inside.

By gently stretching them and drying any moisture present, shoe trees can assist leather shoes in maintaining their initial shape. Avoid letting the sun directly touch your leather shoes, as this can harm the leather.

Stored Shoes
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Important Tips When Removing Creases Out Of Leather Shoes

We sincerely hope that our instruction on erasing wrinkles from leather shoes was useful and that you are pleased with the results. Additionally, we want to give you a portion of the best advice and most crucial pointers for this procedure, as well as ways of how to get rid of creases in shoes.

  • Properly Keep Your Leather Shoes – Leather shoes are distinct from fabric shoes in that they are less flexible and more likely to develop wrinkles. So, to store your leather shoes, we advise utilizing shoe trees or newspapers.
  • Use only high-quality products – When washing or drying your leather shoes, stick to cleaners and conditioners made from safe and natural chemicals. Because leather is permeable, it readily absorbs foreign chemicals.
  • Never Use Direct Heat on Leather Shoes — When using an iron to smooth out creases in your leather shoes, always place a washcloth between both the irons and the leather. Your leather shoes could be harmed by direct heat or an iron that isn’t set to low heat.



Avoid exposing your shoes to dampness, which encourages bacteria and mildew growth. If your shoes get wet, wipe them off with a towel, pack them with wet wipes or tissue paper for moisture absorption, and then hang them to dry.

When keeping your shoes, keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid the material deteriorating and splitting. Use cardboard rather than plastic if you’re putting your footwear in a box so that air can circulate. When storing shoes, keep shoe horns, polish, as well as other shoe-related goods together.

Use a shoe brush as necessary to maintain shoe size and get rid of creases in shoes. When not in use, shake baking powder inside your footwear to remove odors.

Cleansing your shoes to get rid of common dust is one matter, but smoothing out their surface again is a little trickier. Fortunately, whether they are imitation suede, patent leather black shoes, or canvas sneakers, there are easy techniques to get rid of these creases.