How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire

How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire always refreshes its content to keep players engaged and entertained all the time. Along with new additions and features, the developer also introduces several game modes frequently.

Recently, Free Fire launched the Pet Rumble mode. It is not a classic game mode option but is a custom room mode available in the “Custom” tab.

Players can only play this mode with friends. However, many are still not aware of this and are still figuring out how to play this match type.

This article shares every detail about the Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire and explains the process for playing it.

What is the Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire?

As previously mentioned, it is a custom room game mode that has been primarily designed to play with friends. The core concept of this mode is a social deduction or murder mystery party-style game.

How to play the Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire?

As this is a custom room challenge, players will need exclusive Pet Rumble custom room cards that they can receive from their mailbox. After receiving these cards, they can follow these steps:

Step 1: Users must go to the mode selection tab at the top right-hand side corner of the screen.

Click on
Click on “Custom”, then “Pet Rumble”

Step 2: They can click on “Custom” and then tap on the “Pet Rumble” option.

Step 3: Players should tap on the “Create” button and fill in a password, the desired number of players, and the number of pranksters from the options given on the screen.

Players can tweak game options here
Players can tweak game options here

Step 4: Users have to customize other options such as game time, kill cooldown, scientist tasks, and task duration as per their will in the “Game” tab.

Step 5: After selecting all the desired options, they can tap on “Confirm.”

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Rules of the Pet Rumble mode

Currently, there is only one map available in this mode, known as “Crisis Lab.” There will be scientists in the lab and one or more pranksters among them, who will try to knock out all the scientists anonymously.

The scientists have to perform tasks in the lab, and if the pranksters kill all the scientists without getting caught, they will win the game. However, if the scientists vote out the prankster/s before they kill everyone or finish their tasks, they win the game.

Discussion round in Pet Rumble mode
Discussion round in Pet Rumble mode

Apparently, there is also a discussion round which can be called by reporting a dead body. During this phase, players can vote out the suspicious players by discussing over voice or chat.

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