Imlie Upcoming Major 3 Twist: 3 big twists coming in tamarind, Malini again applied sindoor for Aditya

Imlie Upcoming Major 3 Twist: 3 big twists coming in tamarind, Malini again applied sindoor for Aditya

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Know the three big twists coming in the Tamarind Show. &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspInstagram


  • Even after the injury, tamarind will join the protest to talk to the Home Minister.
  • Malini will take advantage of tamarind to talk to Aditya, will tell herself that Aditya’s legal wife.
  • To save Aditya, tamarind will threaten the policemen.

Imlie Upcoming Twists Spoiler: Star Plus’ popular show Tamarind has made its place in the hearts of the audience. Since its launch till now, the show has attracted crores of viewers. Day by day the storyline of this serial is getting more interesting due to which this show often remains on top in the TRP race. Ever since the track of Aditya being kidnapped by a terrorist in this TV serial, the curiosity of the audience has increased to watch this show.

Till now you have seen that Aditya is kidnapped by terrorists and demands Anand’s bail to release Aditya. Meanwhile, Malini joins the Tripathi family to save Aditya. In a bid to meet the Home Minister, Tamarind along with the students of the college staged a sit-in.

When Malini goes to talk to the minister to get Aditya freed, Anu stops her. Anu says that Malini wears her mangalsutra and puts on sindoor and says that she is still Aditya’s legal wife. Meanwhile, Aditya is watching the entire protest from Jugnu’s phone. During this project some constables start beating the college students in which Tamarind also gets hurt.

These 3 big twists are coming in the show

Tamarind will take part in Protest even after injury

In the coming episodes you will see that Tamarind continues to be a part of Protest even after getting injured and in the end it is hers to win. Due to Tamarind’s generosity, the minister agrees to talk to him. With this, Tamarind proves to the Tripathi family that no one should be underestimated.

Malini will move to talk to Aditya

When it is time to talk to the minister, Malini and Dev also come to meet the minister. Meanwhile, the minister tells everyone that Aditya wants to talk to his wife. Hearing the minister’s words, Tamarind goes to talk to Aditya but Malini interrupts him and pretends to be Aditya’s legal wife. Imli is shocked to hear this from Malini. On being asked by Tamarind, Malini gets angry on him and says that if she tells the truth to the minister then no one will help Aditya.

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To save Aditya, tamarind will threaten the policemen

Troubled for Aditya, Tamarind becomes a support. Roopi dares Imli to bring Aditya back home. After this, when Tamarind reaches the police station, she threatens the policemen and tells that nothing should happen to Aditya.

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