Indian Diplomats in Kabul | Taliban escorted Indian diplomats in Kabul at midnight, Taliban fighters escorted Indian diplomats in Kabul

Indian Diplomats in Kabul | Taliban escorted Indian diplomats in Kabul at midnight, Taliban fighters escorted Indian diplomats in Kabul

Taliban fighters escorted indian diplomats in Kabul

Indian diplomats evacuated safely from Kabul.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • Indian diplomats removed from capital Kabul on Monday night
  • Taliban fighters gave security to the convoy till Kabul airport
  • Taliban fighters have control over the whole of Afghanistan

Kabul : After the re-establishment of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, it remains a challenge for the countries to evacuate their diplomats from the capital Kabul. The news of the entry of Taliban in Kabul raised the heartbeat of the officials and staff of the Indian Embassy. It was not an easy task for India to evacuate about 150 diplomats present in the embassy. This has also been acknowledged by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. He described it as a ‘difficult and complicated mission’.

Escorted Indian diplomats to the airport
It is worth noting that the security from the Indian embassy to the Kabul airport was in the hands of none other than the Taliban fighters. They escorted the Indian diplomats from the embassy to the airport at midnight. A group of Taliban fighters had gathered at the main gate of the embassy before the diplomats were evacuated, news agency AFP reported. These fighters were armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. India’s official stance with the Taliban cannot be said to be ‘friendly’ as India strongly supported the new government there in 2001 when the Taliban left Afghanistan. This stand of India was not welcomed by the extremist Islamist group but it developed a kind of ‘hostility’ towards New Delhi.

Taliban fighters were armed
According to the report, Indian apprehensions about Taliban fighters present outside the Indian embassy proved to be unfounded. They ‘had not come to take any kind of revenge.’ They did not cause any harm, instead they escorted the diplomats and took them to Kabul airport. After India’s decision to close the embassy here, an army plane was kept ready to evacuate them.
Some of the fighters waved at the passengers.
On Monday night, a convoy of about two dozen vehicles came out of the embassy. Some of the escorting Taliban fighters smiled and waved their hands at the passengers. According to the report, after entering Kabul, the Taliban kept their guard on all the routes of entry and exit of the capital. After this the embassy decided to contact the Taliban. On behalf of the embassy, ​​an appeal was made to the Taliban to take them to the airport. Of the 200 people who gathered at the Indian embassy, ​​nearly a third of the diplomats had already left Afghanistan.

not allowed to exit the green zone
One of the diplomats who left the country on Monday said, “While we were evacuating another group from here… we encountered the Taliban. These fighters did not allow us to exit the Green Zone. After that we decided to approach the Taliban. We also asked them to escort our convoy.

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