Insomnia Chest Pain know these early warning signs of heart attack in women

Insomnia Chest Pain know these early warning signs of heart attack in women

Heart Attack Symptoms|  symptoms of heart attack

Heart Attack Symptoms&nbsp


  • Often a complaint of chest pain is seen before a heart attack.
  • Frequent sweating can be a sign of heart attack
  • If you see the symptoms mentioned here, definitely contact the cardiologist

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women: The problem of heart attack is increasing rapidly in the world due to contaminated food and drink. This is a disease whose symptoms are too late for people to understand.

Most of the people die because of not understanding the symptoms of heart attack. According to experts, the symptoms of heart attack are different in men and women. According to cardiologists, if a person feels excessively tired without doing anything, then this symptom may be of a heart attack. If this happens, the person should contact the doctor immediately.

heart attack symptoms in women

lack of sleep
If you ever see the problem of lack of sleep in women, then contact the doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a heart attack. Let us tell you that the AHA has also seen 48% of the women in their study having a problem of sleep disturbance before this incident happened.

chest pain
According to studies, symptoms of chest pain have been seen in women before a heart attack. If the problem of pain in your chest is also frequent, then definitely contact the cardiologist.

breathing problem
According to the study, if you are having trouble breathing without doing anything, then you should get yourself checked up immediately. This may be a sign of a heart attack.

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frequent sweating
Women are so busy with household chores that they cannot pay attention to themselves at all. Due to overwork, they often have problems with sweating. In such a situation, she ignores this sign as a simple sign. But according to experts, this sign can be a sign of heart attack. If you ever see such Lakshmana, instead of ignoring it, show it to the doctor.

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