IronMouse Face Reveal: The VTuber Sensation

IronMouse Face Reveal

With the advent of social media and hidden identities, many influencers have started hiding their identities. They create a digital persona and spread that out to the public as their reality. Within that diaspora, IronMouse has become a new household name among her followers. Many keep wondering when the Ironmouse face reveal will happen, and they will get to see their beloved Vtuber in reality.

Who is Ironmouse?

Ironmouse is a Puerto-Rican American Vtuber and live streamer. Among her fans, she is famous for her singing, where she crazily depicts herself with her high voice. In the digital avatar created by her, nobody has seen her natural face and instead knows her from the cute anime creature displayed on the screen.

Tracing back to her history, she started her persona in 2017 and became the founding member of the VTuber group VShojo. 

IronMouse Face Reveal

Who is a Vtuber?

Vtuber uses complex, frequently customised computer avatars instead of webcams. With real-time motion capture software, these avatars imitate creators’ movements and lip sync, functioning as digital marionettes. The trend began in Japan in mid-2010–most Western introduced Vtuber avatars.

Ironmouse Life Story

In reality, Ironmouse wanted to work as an opera singer, but after being diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), she was left bedridden. Thereby, she was pushed to the streamer, as she was ‘lonely and wanted something to do.’  

However, the main twist occurs when, rather than using her natural face, she creates a digital avatar to conceal her identity. She was inspired by entertainer Kizuna AI–the first YouTuber who identified themselves as a ‘virtual Youtuber.’ Despite the creation of the avatar, fans have often asked Ironmouse face reveal events where they get to see her.

IronMouse Face Reveal
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However, for her, the persona was made into a character, referred to as a ‘bigger version of me’ and being like a superhero costume. Typically, the avatar was constructed with a look of a horned demon with pink and purple hair–the personification of Satan itself. The audience initially did not accept her high-pitched voice because they considered it auto-tuned. However, they were shocked to learn it was her authentic voice.

Soon after, the success began to touch her feet when in November 2020, Ironmouse was announced as one of the charter members of VShojo, a U.S.-based agency of English-language Vtubers. Further, she has collaborated with streamers and personalities such as Nyanners, Projekt Melody, and Welsh Youtuber CDawgVA.

Early this year, in February 2022, Ironmouse conducted a subathon event to increase her followers.

Subathon and IronMouse

Subathon, short for ‘subscription marathon,’ is a live stream where every time a streamer receives a subscription, more time is added to a descending timer. Once the timer reaches zero, the stream ends.

For the same, a non-stop stream in which a countdown clock was organised where whenever viewers purchased paid subscriptions or made donations to the channel. The success was such a huge event that it ran for a total of 31 days till March 7, 2022. As a result, Ironmouse became the most-subscribed female streamer on Twitch, with nearly 172,000 subscribers in total. At the end of the event, it was expected that IronMouse face reveal would happen as a parting gift. However, nothing like that was brought into the equation.

On the other hand, her popularity became the talk of the town when she became the eighth-most watched streamer on Twitch.

IronMouse Face Reveal
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IronMouse Face Reveal

Thus, it raises the question of who IronMouse is.

What face resides behind such a big sensation?

While she hasn’t come out with her real identity yet, there has been a lot of conspiracy as to what would be behind that face.

Many have argued that a boy who acts like her is behind the girl who resides. They felt betrayed and abused her for lying like this.

On the other hand, some online users claimed that she resembled fellow streamer, Connor Marc Colquhoun. 

Who is Colquhoun?

Known as CDawgVA on Youtube, he is a Welsh Youtuber and a voice actor based in Tokyo. Recently, he posted a video titled ‘Ironmouse Showed Me Her Face.’ While the title implied some face reveal, the Welsh content maker dressed up as the female VTuber in the ten-minute film. No IronMouse Face Reveal was conducted, which created havoc and a lot of distrust from the fans side.

While many admirers begged him to show the face, he refused. Some even speculated that Colquhoun was the female streamer.

On the other hand, many got irritated by the clickbait title.

But who cares about the face reveal when Ironmouse just made headlines for surpassing 100,00 members due to subathon. Even if her identity is hidden from the public, she surpasses the popularity goal by remaining anonymous.

Conclusion on IronMouse Face Reveal

Nobody knows when IronMouse face reveal will happen, or if she has any plans to do it in the near future. But one thing is permanently known whoever resides behind that face is a genius and people’s favourite.

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