Is the upcoming Eula banner worth all the hype?

Is the upcoming Eula banner worth all the hype?

Before version 1.5 of Genshin Impact runs its course, players will have the chance to wish for a new, powerful five-star character.

The current Zhongli banner ends in about a week, meaning Eula’s release in Genshin Impact is just around the corner. Many players have saved up their Primogems in hopes of pulling Eula, and they can soon test their luck in the second and likely final character event banner coming to the game in version 1.5.

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Is Genshin Impact’s upcoming Eula banner worth all the hype?

As soon as the current event banners end, Genshin Impact will unveil Eula’s banner, rumored to be called “Born of Ocean Swell.”

Like with every character event banner, Eula’s banner will have increased drop rates for three four-star characters. Based on trusted leaks, players can expect Eula’s banner to feature Xingqiu, Xinyan, and Beidou as four-star characters.

All of these characters should complement Eula nicely and be solid support units on her team. Xingqiu is commonly regarded as one of the very best support units in the game, with an incredibly powerful Elemental Burst that will help create Freeze reactions in tandem with Eula’s abilities.

Because Xingqiu works so well for so many teams, players who don’t plan on getting Eula might consider putting a few wishes on the banner to get some of his powerful constellations.

Meanwhile, Xinyan has solid physical damage output and can spread Pyro to enemies using her shields. Beidou is also good at infusing her element, Electro, to many enemies at once. And with the Electro reactions getting buffed in 1.6, using Beidou and Eula for Superconduct reactions will soon be even more effective.

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How good will Eula be in Genshin Impact?

Even though it’s nice to get constellations for the featured four star characters, most players will only wish on the upcoming banner if they plan on using Eula as a main DPS.

To help players predict how strong Eula will really be, data miners have been keeping track of Eula’s base stats and damage multipliers. And ever since they discovered some pre-release buffs to Eula’s normal attacks and Burst ability, it has been clear that the new Cryo claymore-wielder will be one of the best main DPS options in the game.

Data records predict Eula with level 10 normal attack talent will have stronger damage multipliers than the best current claymore wielder, Diluc. Also, at level 10 Burst talent, her Lightfall Sword’s explosion scales an incredible 148.24% for every stack accumulated while the sword is present.

Note: The above tweet’s photo has an error for Eula’s three-hit DMG; it should read 112.28% x2, according to Honey DB.

Eula has the potential to carry teams with her great physical DMG output, and there’s good reason behind the hype for her banner. Her playstyle is also visibly unique for a claymore-wielder; she can perform five consecutive attacks, and her normal attack animation is arguably more graceful than most.

It’s up to players to decide whether Eula is worth the Primogems, or whether they’d rather save up for the rumored Klee re-run in 1.6, but players who pass up on Eula might be missing the best physical damage carry so far in Genshin Impact.

Disclaimer: This article takes leaked and unconfirmed information into consideration. The featured characters of the banner, as well as Eula’s final damage multipliers, are subject to change.

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