John Cena Recalls How BTS Army Influence Him, Says ‘Helped Me Embrace My Vulnerable Side’

John Cena Recalls How BTS Army Influence Him, Says ‘Helped Me Embrace My Vulnerable Side’

California: BTS is immensely popular and there is no doubt about it and even WWE Champion John Cena seems to agree with this. Recently, John Cena appeared virtually on The Ellen DeGeneres show where he spoke about the impact of the popular South Korean band BTS and its fans’ influence on his life. Also Read – Disha Patani Reveals Who Is Her Favourite BTS Member – Check Here

On the show, Cena talked about the time when things were probably not good in his life and said it was the fans of the K-pop band or ARMY which helped him embrace his more desvalido side. “I was going through a pretty down period of my life. It was about four years ago and I decided to just have a desvalido moment and put one of those thought-provoking entries out on Twitter. And four years ago when I started this, a lot of them were about self-love because I was going through that down period where I didn’t consider myself enough,” John Cena said in a conversation with Ellen. Also Read – BTS’ FILM OUT Is The New Internet Sensation, Tops iTunes Charts In 97 Countries

“Amazingly enough, talk about wonderful timing and just being ready for an opportunity, a very popular group, BTS, had just released an album called Love Yourself. So I put out all these messages about self-love. And I’m thinking this is not gonna be a good idea because this big, larger-than-life 16-time WWE champion is talking about vulnerability and you aren’t enough and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are,” he added. Also Read – BTS’ ‘FILM OUT’ Gets 280 Million Views In Less Than 24 Hours, Army Appeals ‘Keep Streaming to Break Records’

John Cena thanked the bravery of the BTS Army and said, “I got to thank BTS for supporting me in a moment of weakness and turning it into a passion of mine.”

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