Know How to Turn Off Location on Snapchat on iPhone and Android

how to turn off location on snapchat

You like to know that although sharing your whereabouts with everybody can be helpful, there may be moments when you need additional privacy.

When you can turn on Ghost Mode in the location options of the Snapchat app to hide anyone from seeing where you are. Of course, in doing so, you will hide your location from just being visible to friends and followers on the Snapchat Map.

Furthermore, users can overrule the ideal system settings by entering the options on their iPhone or Android. The amazing fact is that you can deactivate Snapchat’s location information, ignoring any configurations in the app.

Here are all the details on how to turn off location on Snapchat on iPhones and Android phones.

how to turn off location on snapchat

Who on Snapchat Can See Your Location?

Obviously, you can choose your privacy options when using Snap Map for the first time. Furthermore, by selecting the gear button at the top side of the map, you can easily adjust these configurations:

The tricky fact is that whenever you are in Ghost Mode, Snap discards your past information and covers your current location.

Significantly, you have the ability in “My Friends” to let all of your friends and family know where you are on a map. Otherwise, you can restrict who among your contacts can also see where you are based on desire.


Should You Be Concerned That Snapchat Can Track You?

An app that can obtain your location should raise caution. And yet many mobile applications eventually will be available. What tends to make Snapchat tracking you an issue, then?

The problem is that individuals frequently remember they’ve even turned on Snap Map after selecting their privacy options. You can unknowingly reveal your information if you’re using the app.

It seems to have numerous implications which should worry visitors and families. These are just four problems that Snap Maps may create.

Snap Map Might Put Users in Trouble:

Probably accept a friend request on Snapchat from a random person, a buddy of a relative, or a new connection. Furthermore, you have enabled Snap Map to allow all of your contacts to see the current place.

That individual you hardly recognize would always be conscious of where you are when you use Snapchat. That in and of itself is problematic. So you always need to know how to turn off location on Snapchat.

However, realizing that a significant percentage of Snapchat’s viewers are young teens is incredibly worrying about how to turn off location on Snapchat.

how to turn off location on snapchat
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Snap Map Destroys Your Private Information:

pretending you’re ill and therefore unable to handle your task? You’re too engaged to go out, have you informed your best friend? When you’re at the market, are you looking to avoid somebody? Need no one to know you are at residence? Be attentive. Snapchat has made it much more challenging to deal with this.

You might be experiencing problems with your buddies or maybe your employer. Although that would be a fundamental error, it does occur.

Snap Map Might Strain a Friendship:

There’s little question that understanding who’s spending time with whom at whatever particular time can damage friendships. Experience of deciding not to attend a meetup can destroy your relationship. Maybe being ignorant is the better decision, mainly if the cause for your absence is entirely legitimate.

Nevertheless, Snap Map is mainly responsible for the situation as a relationship. And false allegations are generated whenever couples think the worst after noticing Bitmoji spending time with someone else.

Just because they neglected setting up Ghost Configuration for the Snap Map.

Snap Map May Reveal Your Location Publicly:

Whenever you share a photo to The Story, Snapchat has your approval to use it in Discovery and, if they so choose, just on Snap Map. It indicates that anybody could observe the occurrence.

You should be conscious of this before publishing The Story. As Snap Map is community-based, its presence is necessary. And how many people who post on The Story know that some other visitors can even see the location?

It might give you the impression that you’re just a fly on the wall at personal family reunions, meetings, or even inside institutions.

how to turn off location on snapchat
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You Need to Know How to Turn Off the Location on Snapchat

  1. On the iPhone or Android mobile, download the Snapchat app and click the profile button at the top.
  2. Choose the settings button for settings in the top right corner.
  3. Select “See My Location” under the “Who Can…” part. By design, your contacts can view your location.
  4. You have the choice to adjust the “My Friends” preset on your location configurations screen to “My Friends, Including…” or “Just These Friends…” Must choose contacts from your Snapchat friends list; choose among those choices.
  5. Click the button at the top of the page to activate Ghost Mode, which disables people from watching your movement. There would be a pop-up bar where you can set a timeframe. It can be set on momentarily; however, if you need it to continue permanently, click “Until Turned Off.”
  6. Move back to Snapchat’s homepage, from which you can capture photos or videos with your webcam switched on. For the Map to activate, scroll to the bottom.
  7. Carefully check whether you are presently in private mode; a blue and white Snapchat ghost will be shown next to your position. You need to know that it will indicate that you would be effective at turning off location on Snapchat. Of course, then you can visit the location services screen by clicking the menu button at the top.


How Long is the Location of your Snapchat Account Displayed?

Snap Maps seem to have some disadvantages. A user’s location on the Map depends entirely on when they last entered Snap. It doesn’t track you around and alerts users all of the time.

According to this, your phone’s location won’t change if it can’t access Wi-Fi.

Moreover, Snap Map must remove your location within 6 to 8 hours if you exit the app without ever using it.



You can control all of this by deactivating Snapchat’s location access. This post is helpful for those searching on how to turn off location on Snapchat on iPhone and Android devices for instructions on managing this.