New State announced, Pre-Registration now live on Google Play Store

New State announced, Pre-Registration now live on Google Play Store

The PUBG: New State game has been announced by PUBG Studios, the creator of Player Unknowns battle Grounds. Krafton Inc has announced the launch of the new Battle Royal game with a video teaser on YouTube. The teaser features information about the graphics, story and gameplay that looks exactly like PUBG. PUBG: Pre-registration of New State has been made live on Google Play Store. However, this game will not be available due to PUBG Mobile ban. PUBG: New State has been prepared for the year 2051. The game will get a glimpse of trains, weapons, new maps etc. coming in 2051. The game is published by Krafton, a South Korean video gaming company. Also Read – Is PUBG Mobile Collaborating With K-Pop Band BlackPink? Excited Fans Can’t Keep Calm!

PUBG: NEW STATE | Pre-Order Trailer

According to the details available on Google Play Store, the game will feature “Intolerante-Realistic Graphics that Push the Limits of Mobile Gaming”. The company has given features like Universal Illumination technology that feature the most realistic graphics available for mobile gaming. Things like drones, combat roles will be present in the game. It is reported that PUBG 2.0. PUBG: New State game will be available for Android phones, which will support Android 6.0 or higher version Android mobile.

The trailer of the game showcase battle royale mode where players are dropping in the new map named ‘Troi’. The company has enhanced the game with modern vehicles and modern weapons including Realistic and Dynamic Gunplay. The next generation survival, and the setup of 2051, the company is expanding the PUBG Universe with anarchy rules and competition has evolved into a new battleground featuring state-of-the-art technology that requires survivors to adopt new tactics to survive.

If you want to pre-register for the PUBG: New State game in India, you will have to wait. As is known, this game is not currently available in India. The game will be launched in India when Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology lifts the ban from PUBG Mobile.

Disclaimer: PUBG: New State is not available in India.

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