Pavitra Punia on Dating 12-Year Elder Eijaz Khan And How Their Parents Reacted on Belonging to Different Religion

Pavitra Punia on Dating 12-Year Elder Eijaz Khan And How Their Parents Reacted on Belonging to Different Religion

Mumbai: TV actors Eijaz Khan and Pavita Punia, who are in so much of love after their stint in Bigg Boss 14, surprise their fans with the way they understand each other. Both Eijaz and Pavitra are head over heels in love with each other. In the latest interview with Pinkvilla, Pavitra revealed a lot about her relationship and talked about the stereotypical mentality people have. There are many people who judge them as Pavitra and Eijaz are not the same religion and also have an age gap of 12 years.  Pavitra Punia with all the courage and boldness spoke to the portal. Also Read – ‘Super Hot KK’: Kavita Kaushik Impresses Fans Wearing Same Bikini That Katrina Kaif Wore in Bang Bang

When asked Pavitra Punia about the age gap with her boyfriend Eijaz Khan, she revealed: “I don’t think age is a constraint when it comes to love. Especially in olden times, men would marry girls younger than half their age and it was fine with society back then. It is said that a man should be older than a woman because, by the time the girl turns into a woman, he matures too. So it doesn’t matter if the man is a few years older than you. If you are destined to be together, age never is a hindrance.” Also Read – Hina Khan Looks Like A Tropical Queen in Rs 57K Asymmetric Crop Top And Skirt

Revealing whether their parents fine with the religion and age gap? Pavitra Punia added, “Yes, I think so. As far as now, all is ok. Had there been any problems, we would have already known. All of our family members know about us now.” Also Read – Pavitra Punia On Refusing Intimate Scenes: It Doesn’t Come From My Heart, I Get Scared

Pavitra and Eijaz have balanced their life professionally and personally now. When asked how they deal with trolls, she said: “Trolls and haters have just one job and that is spreading hatred and negativity. I think Instagram should shut accounts that have just one follower and are even then busy spreading hatred. It’s so important to put a stop to such lowlifes. If somebody tries to troll me, I can still take it but if somebody tries to troll Eijaz, I lose my calm and will NOT take it. I remember how this troll had tried mocking Eijaz and called him psycho and mental. I fumed with rage when I read that. I was like how dare somebody trolls him! It is at such times, I do not bother about my celebrity image. I do not think that I am a celebrity and that it would affect my image if I get into a verbal squabble with a troll on social media. I know it’s all a herd mentality on the Internet but I choose to shut the troll especially if he’s targeting Eijaz. It is wrong to mentally harass somebody on social media. Using words like mentally challenged, mentally ill, psycho on a huge platform is harassment and such trolls should be put in place. I make sure that I let the trolls know that I am complaining against them for harassment to the cybercrime space. Also, it feels good to know that I am not alone in this when my fans, my army jumps into my support and takes the battle ahead. I am so proud and grateful for such love. It’s very clear that I will not take anything ill-spoken about Eijaz, especially on social media. I have a few people who DM me and ask me not to react to such trolls but then what are they doing to stop the hatred?! Aren’t they choosing to ignore or rather sit back and enjoy reading all the arguments on my feed?! I am a very protective and possessive woman towards my man! I will always stand to protect him at any cost, anywhere!”

Pavitra and Eijaz shared their feelings for each other candidly on the game show Bigg Boss 14 and Eijaz was the one who proposed to her.

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