Rupali Ganguly Comeback Anupamaa was challenging: 26 inches waist was not beyond 40

Rupali Ganguly Comeback Anupamaa was challenging: 26 inches waist was not beyond 40

Anupamaa actress Rupali Ganguly Said it is challenging at 40 plus age comeback in lead role

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  • After becoming a mother, Rupali Ganguly decided to take a break from the TV show.
  • Rupali Ganguly left the TV show Parvarish due to being pregnant.
  • He took a break of 7 years for his son Rudransh.

Rupali Ganguly has been a part of many hit TV shows in her acting career. He has played many memorable characters till now. Currently actress Rupali Ganguly plays the lead role in the TV show Anupama. However, there was a time when Rupali Ganguly took a break from acting. After becoming a mother, Rupali Ganguly returned to the small screen through the family drama serial Anupama, seven years after taking a break from TV shows.

Rupali Ganguly says that due to being pregnant, I left the TV show Parvarish. I was busy with my baby (Rudransh) at my house. I enjoyed motherhood every moment. However, when Rajan Shahi approached me for the show, the actress inside me got greedy. The thing that piqued my interest. The concept of the show was similar to my father’s (Anil Ganguly) films like Kora Kagaz, Humkadam and Tapasya. The women in these films were as strong and empowered as Anupama.

When I talked to my husband (Ashwin Verma) about this, he told me that I did not get my due as an artist and should do it. He took a break from his work so that I could return to acting. In one line, he gave me wings to fly.

Rupali Ganguly got the lead role at the age of 40
At the age of 40, Rupali Ganguly got the lead role in Anupama TV show. Rupali explains, “It can be challenging at times to be over 40 and not have a 26-inch waist when you are playing the lead. I always wondered if this would work. You cannot predict the fate of a show. I still can’t believe this is happening to me and hope it stays like this.

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Rupali Ganguly said that I feel blessed and grateful to get a chance to prove myself, to return to TV with a role like this after seven years. I have been a part of some great shows. Have played excellent characters including a double role in Mera Dil Hai’s Manta Nahi and a negative role in Sanjivani as I was tired of playing positive characters. Then I was flooded with negative characters, but I didn’t want to repeat myself. Every actor dies for that one role, which elevates him to a level where people recognize your work and accept the fax that you are a good actor.

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