taliban in Afghanistan, Afghanistan: Talibani rule will be very scary, thieves and homosexuals will be punished, judge revealed

taliban in Afghanistan, Afghanistan: Talibani rule will be very scary, thieves and homosexuals will be punished, judge revealed


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  • Taliban is talking about its control in Afghanistan
  • Sharia law will be implemented when Taliban rule
  • Punishment will be given for committing an offense under Sharia law only.

New Delhi: A Taliban judge has given a terrifying glimpse of what life would be like under the Islamic group and what the future of Afghans would look like if they regain control of the country. Gul Rahim, 38, talks about burglars chopping off arms and legs, issuing permits for women to leave homes, and tearing down walls on gay men in his Taliban-controlled district in central Afghanistan.

He said the Taliban could regain control after the US left and that their aim was to enforce the punishment of Sharia law across the country. “That was our goal and always will be,” he says. The Taliban claim they have already captured 80 percent of Afghanistan as NATO withdrew its forces from the country.

thief’s hand cut off

Rahim revealed his vision of justice in an interview with the German newspaper Bild, speaking to a reporter close to the central Afghan province. Speaking about a recent case he said that a man stole a ring from a house, so he ordered that his hand be cut off. He said, ‘I asked the owner of the ring whether the thief’s leg should be amputated because he not only stole the ring but broke it, which means he has committed two crimes. But the owner of the house agreed that only the hand would be cut off.

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cut off a finger in a petty crime

In another recent decision, he ordered that those who abducted and trafficked should be hanged. “Depending on the offence, we can start with the fingers. For worse offenses we amputate the wrist, elbow or upper arm. For the heaviest crimes, death by stoning or by hanging is the only option.

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strict rules for women

Asked what the Taliban considers punishment for gay men, he replied that there were only two options, either stone pelting or he had to stand behind a wall that fell on him. The wall should be eight feet to ten feet high. The Taliban have taken over the area in the midst of America’s departure from the country, and in the meantime many women are trying to leave because they fear living under an Islamic group. Women will be allowed to attend school even if their teacher is a woman and they wear a compulsory hijab.

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