Taliban on India Pakistan | Taliban on India’s role in Afghanistan and relations with Pakistan | Taliban’s assurance and warning to India amidst growing threat in Afghanistan, also broke silence on relations with PAK

Taliban on India Pakistan | Taliban on India’s role in Afghanistan and relations with Pakistan | Taliban’s assurance and warning to India amidst growing threat in Afghanistan, also broke silence on relations with PAK

Taliban Spokesperson Muhammad Suhail Shaheen

Taliban Spokesperson Muhammad Suhail Shaheen&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP, File Image


  • Taliban has captured many cities in Afghanistan
  • Violent activities of Taliban have raised security concerns here
  • Many countries of the world including India are keeping an eye on the situation of the war-torn country.

Kabul : The Taliban continues to spread in Afghanistan. Amidst the increasing violent activities of the Taliban, great concern has arisen about the security situation here. While many countries of the world, including India, are keeping an eye on the changing situation in Afghanistan, the United Nations has once again expressed concern about the situation in Afghanistan. With the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the growing threat of the Taliban, questions are also being raised on the role of Pakistan.

In the midst of all this, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Suhail Shaheen has taken the side of the Taliban on many issues. During this, the Taliban spokesperson was seen giving assurances and warnings to India simultaneously, then also broke the silence about their relations with Pakistan. The Taliban spokesperson also denied that the Taliban had any role in the removal of Nishan Sahib from the Gurdwara in Paktia, Afghanistan. According to the spokesperson, the Sikh community itself did this.

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What did the Taliban say about India?

The Taliban spokesman said, ‘The flag was removed by the people of the Sikh community. When our security officials went there, they said that if anyone saw the flag, he would harass them. Our men reassured him and hoisted it again.’ The Taliban spokesperson praised India for its construction and developmental work in Afghanistan, and also warned about India’s military presence here.

The Taliban spokesperson said, “If they (India) come to Afghanistan militarily and have a presence here, I think it will not be good for them.” If they have seen the condition of the presence of the army of other countries in Afghanistan, then the situation is very clear for them. The Taliban spokesperson used a warning tone for India regarding military intervention in Afghanistan and also praised India for the developmental projects in the country.

Taliban’s assurance to India!

The Taliban spokesperson said, “They (India) are helping Afghan civilians and national projects. He has done this before. I think this is something that is commendable. We appreciate everything we do for the people of Afghanistan such as dams, national and infrastructure projects and anything that is for the development, reconstruction and economic prosperity of the people of Afghanistan.’

During a conversation with news agency ANI, the Taliban spokesperson was also seen assuring India, when Muhammad Suhail Shaheen said, ‘We have a general policy that we do not allow anyone to use Afghan soil against any country including neighboring countries. Committed not to give permission.’ He was asked if the Taliban could assure India that Afghan soil would not be used against them.

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Did the Taliban meet the Indian delegation?

On reports of talks with India, the Taliban spokesperson said, “There were reports of our delegation meeting and talking with the Indian delegation, but I cannot confirm it.” To my knowledge, the (separate) meeting has not taken place, but yesterday we had a meeting in Doha, which was also attended by the Indian delegation. The Taliban spokesman also reassured the security of embassies and diplomats and said they were not in danger.

The Taliban spokesman said, “There is no threat to the embassies and diplomats from our side.” We will not target any embassy or diplomat. We have said this many times in our statements. This is our commitment. At the same time, the Taliban spokesperson also clarified about the relations with terrorist organizations based in Pakistan and called them baseless. “Such allegations are baseless, they are not based on ground reality, but on the basis of some of his policies towards us based on politically motivated goals,” he said.

This clarification by a Taliban spokesperson comes amid allegations that the Taliban are getting help from Pakistan-based terrorist organizations and Pakistan’s intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in Afghanistan. The Afghan diplomat has raised the issue in many international forums including the United Nations about how Pakistan is providing aid and safe haven to the Taliban operating in Afghanistan.

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