Taliban sitting on a trillion dollar mineral treasury, a major cause for global concern

Taliban sitting on a trillion dollar mineral treasury, a major cause for global concern

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Taliban sitting on the treasury of trillions, why is there concern at the global level &nbsp


  • The total value of mineral wealth in Afghanistan is close to one trillion dollars
  • Huge reserves of gold, silver, lithium
  • Highest demand for lithium globally

afghanistan minerals worth: Afghanistan is now occupied by Taliban. There is also a debate going on at the global level about who is responsible for the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. But the Taliban’s arrival in Afghanistan is a threat to global peace and progress. Experts say that if the Taliban has come to power on the strength of power or because of the incompetence of the then Afghan government, then the time to come will not be auspicious. After the Taliban’s capture of political power, the mineral wealth of Afghanistan will naturally be ruled by the Taliban. Afghanistan’s mineral resources, which would have benefited him and the whole world, now in a way Taliban’s eyes have been caught on him.

Afghanistan rich in terms of mineral wealth
Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. But in 2010, according to US military officials and geologists, there is a treasure of about one trillion dollars in the form of minerals under the Afghan land and underground, if it is exploited properly, then not only Afghanistan can become a prosperous country of the world but also in global progress. can play an important role.
Iron, copper, and gold are scattered in almost all the provinces of Afghanistan. Along with this, there are also mines of rarest minerals, especially lithium.

Mineral wealth in Afghanistan





Trouble in mining due to Taliban
Afghanistan is certainly one of the richest regions in traditional precious metals, but the metal for the emerging economy of the 21st century [आवश्यक] is also. Scientist and safety expert Rod Schoonover said security challenges, lack of infrastructure and severe drought have prevented the most valuable minerals from being exploited in the past. With the Taliban under control, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Still, there is interest from countries, including China, Pakistan and India, who may try to join in despite the chaos.

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