Bored of the usual drama, make way for intriguing horror film of 2016

Bored of the usual drama, make way for intriguing horror film of 2016

Movies are a great source to elicit different kinds of moods; for example, movies showcase feelings like anxiety, stress, depression, happiness, romance, and a separate genre of movies which is suspense thrillers are great too to keep their audiences glued to the chairs at the same time the creepy and eerie feeling during the movies builds worries and tension in the audiences which leads to excitement to wait until the end of the movie so that there can be a great reveal at the end of the movie. These are the movies that give you goosebumps. The curiosity built up in the audience makes the movies thrilled and often looked forward to by everyone who loves the suspense with horror film of 2016.

The suspense thriller released as horror film of 2016:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe had a great plot with many chilly moments that created fear and interest in the audience. Find below the Autopsy of Jane Doe explained clearly where a beautiful corpse brings unusual moments in the movie. The movie starts with the autopsy performed by the movie’s lead characters. There is an autopsy being performed on an unidentified woman’s body. This starting scene stirs up a great air of suspense in the movie.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe explained

What is the plot about, horror film of 2016?

As the lead characters of the movie perform the autopsy of this corpse which is good-looking, they conclude that the body is not from this era and a witch from the 17th century; this finding is very eerie. These kinds of comments create a horrifying environment for those watching the movie. Tommy, one of the lead characters, clarified that innocent girls used to be buried or burnt alive in that era; however, he confirmed that there were no witches then, so the question arose that if there were no witches, then who is Jane? This leads to curiosity in mind about the identity of Jane. But she was not like the other witches who were burnt alive. Still, she was tortured.

Not for the weak-hearted, horror film of 2016:

The torture displayed in the movie is extremely horrid. They cut her tongue and removed the tooth. The suffering was very brutal. They broke her bones as wrist and ripped out the lungs; this torture is scary and nerve-wracking. This kind of torture was performed on a girl in the 17th century, which was very cruel. The conclusion out of this entire story was that while people try to burn witch, they are actually giving birth to another one wherein he was trying to convey that there was a normal girl with a normal soul and life and because this kind of grueling torture was performed on her it created and give birth to a witch. This shows that if anything is done in a wrong way, it comes back in the form of evil. 

The Autopsy of Jane Doe explained

How and where do they find Jane’s body?

In the beginning, we find that the lead characters see Jane’s body in a very weird situation in a half-buried manner. Few of the body parts are out of the soil. The police also find another worker who was dead in that same area, and they assume that he has killed her and wanted to dump the body somewhere. Somehow everything got wrong, and he also died. However, the real scenario is that Jane commits many mysterious events that lead to Alvarez’s death. The audiences, however, do not get any clarity about how Jane’s body was excavated from that place. It is to assume that maybe it was buried a few years ago, and it was excavated now.

How does she kill others?

 One thing to remember is that Jane cannot move her body, but she will create illusions to the people around her. This confuses the people about her state of life. 

The Autopsy:

After finding the body, the lead characters are given a chance to perform the autopsy. As they complete the autopsy, they conclude that it was a human sacrifice which was performed on this young woman who was tortured in a very threatening manner which includes ripping the tongue, poisoning, forcing to swallow the clot of the teeth, and private parts being stabbed and also, in the end, burning the body.

The radio

As mentioned earlier, Jane can’t move physically, and she only creates an illusion that makes people get into terrifying situations. The same thing starts with Austin and Tommy. While they perform an autopsy, the radio warns them of heavy rain, which is Jane cautioning them of the trouble that will hit them. In the end, we find that the radio confirms there will be sunny days ahead, which indicates the illusion created by Jane.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe explained

Everything caught fire except Jane’s body

Everything in the morgue is dark as the lights go off, the tree falls, and the exit door is all closed. Someone with eyes like Jane attacks Tommy as they hear the bell sounds. The corpse has a bell tied to its toes. They realize they are trapped and try to set Jane’s body on fire, but they fail. Austin sees a corpse near the door, and they put flammable liquid to burn Jane, but it hits the ceiling, and the camera is damaged. After which, they see that Jane is untouched.

The illusion of Emma

Emma’s death is a trap set by Jane. When Emma comes back to pick up Austin to go out, but the illusion created by Jane makes her disappear; they can’t see her, and instead, as they hear another corpse bell sound, Austin swings the ax to kill it, but rather it hits Emma, and she dies. The entire situation also seems to be a creative visualization because the cops can’t find Emma’s body the next day.

Tommy’s death:

Tommy faces another attack by Jane, and they try to solve the mystery of Jane and rip open her brain, which shows that it is alive, and every time she kills people, she gains energy to build herself again. This can be understood when she scoops out life from Tommy; she heals as she breaks his bones, and as he bleeds, her wounds get healed a little.

Austin’s Death:

As Austin opens Jane’s brain, she gives it back to him after killing Tommy. Jane creates an illusion to Austin as though dead Tommy was standing behind him. Austin fears and breaks his head after backing off.

The conclusion – more to come

After the death of all the characters involved in performing the autopsy, the cops see that Jane’s body doesn’t have any cut or bruise. It doesn’t look like any autopsy was performed on her.  Burke’s command that Jane’s body must be sent to a different county.

The last scene showing Jane’s toes moving is a hint that she will reanimate herself completely and bring devastation.