The Top 11 Fiction and Nonfiction Storytelling Podcasts (2022)

Best story podcasts

Whereas most of us still share stories in the bonfire, several top legends have communicated via storytelling podcasts. There’s nothing quite like the intro riff of This American Life’s title track to mark the presence of riveting story hundreds.

Also, there are documentary podcasts like S-Town, which explores a particular thing – a detective story throughout the series. After that, there are indeed opportunities for obsessive levels. For precisely, Hello from the Magic Tavern comprises charming unique musical portions. In addition, series like Noble Blood, specializing in tragic emperors, recount history.

A storyline method may be ideal for your audiobook, relying on its subject. These are more effective to make than formal interview broadcasts, but the outcome seems well worth the trouble if executed successfully.

We’ve created a collection of outstanding best story podcasts to enable you to explore audio topics. Put something on your to-listen playlist and leverage them as an influence for your next event.

Best story podcasts

Revisionist History

Revisionist History is a podcast that explores and retells past events through stories. All series are dedicated to specific occurrences, subjects, or characters. They reconstruct all episodes to lead you to believe what happened previously. “So, the legacy usually gets a good opportunity.”


LeVar Burton Reads

LeVar Burton, who inspired us to fall back in love with narratives on Reading Rainbow, already has his program. Burton recounts fantasy novels by novelists he appreciates, notably Neil Gaiman, Octavia Butler, Haruki Murakami, and others. It’s simple to get wrapped up in his friendly and recognizable approach and understated melodies and soundtracks.


Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale has a simple premise and is one of the best story podcasts: every broadcast addition to the introduction from the hypothetical town of Night Vale. You’ll get forecasts, news programs, Sheriff’s Office announcements, and updates on other programs. Yet, things in Night Vale are a little more unusual than you’re previously doing.

The scripted-podcast monarchy was conquered by the sarcastic hilarity, terrifying unexplained phenomena, and research of the secretive Night Vale, and it hasn’t left yet. This podcast is just something else, with a mix involving speculative fiction, thriller, and comic.


We’re Alive

We’re Alive is a survival horror nightmare thriller in the post-apocalyptic day. If you’re a listener of The Walking Dead, you’ll choose to listen to this audio. Though being stalked by the slithering zombie legions, a group of refugees must cooperate in obtaining food, water, shelter, and protection. It’s a basic zombie narrative.

You’ll get enough of enemy action considering a large number of series. Goldrush, a spin-off new take on the podcast, occurs 17 years after the occurrences of We’re Alive and incorporates some of the same individuals.

Best story podcasts

The Truth

Every segment of The Truth tells a very different story, like that of an audible story collection. Every program session, which brands it as “movies for your ears,” comprises a 15- to 20-minute narrative. Many are scary, and others are entertaining, but they are all experiences.

A submarine ship that requires heavier than they dared to hope, a man relocating himself into the brain of a death row inmate, and a fairy who lands a place in Santa’s workshop’s Serious or Joking portion have all been highlighted in the series. You never understand what to plan, but you can trust it is spectacular.



Two guys founded a new town in Oklahoma around the turn of the twentieth century. They renamed it PleasureTown and expected to develop it into a paradise of intellectual freedom and indulgence. A land where there were no regulations and the only desire was to be pleasant. Everything won’t always go as predicted, as you might guess.

The town’s spirits narrate PleasureTown’s story, and the show’s producers, authors, and the viewing public generated the storyline. Evey series of activities aimed at the town’s heritage, revealing tales of affection, deception, passion, and death.


Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends featured Magic, monsters, warriors, and wizards. This feature is all about the myths and legends that have inspired our universe and civilizations. Examine characters like Robin Hood or Thor, which you may be accustomed to in Cinema. Yet, this program explores their actual histories.

You may be conversant with most stories, while you may have never thought of others. Therefore, it’s rare that you’re knowledgeable about real-life stories. Jason Weiser delivers Myths and Legends, a program that highlights fascinating topics from the old days.



“Over 300 men, women, and kids abducted from a little Tennessee township decades ago, never to be seen or reported again.” After listening to that statement, how could you not choose to join this episode? Limetown is comparable to a TV series, despite the reality that it is a piece of fiction delivered from the perspective of a pretend researcher.

Ignoring the fact that every episode is only a few episode runs, Limetown strikes an impact. If you’re searching for melodrama and liked The Black Tapes’ reporting approach or The X-Files’ alien stalking amusement, this one should be at par with the best.

Best story podcasts

The Moth Podcast

As though its famous entity, The Moth Podcast, is engaged in the skill of storytelling. Every session involves a chosen, unplanned next story presented next to an authentic audience by multiple individuals without scripts. It streams all original seasons of The Moth Radio Hour and produces more items from its vast list, encompassing three decades.


The Angel of Vine

The Angel of Vine is based on actual events day, as a researcher obtains audio CDs from the mid-1960s collected by a secret agent. He outlines how he discovered Hollywood’s oldest unexplained detective story while hiding things within those records.

The Angel of Vine is a must-read for admirers of spy novels and the underworld type. It’s a great tune that will make you happy as if you’ve been catapulted backward in History.



Heavyweight is a story and the best story podcasts about individuals who wanted they could go back in History and do things a bit differently. All chapters focus on the individual personality who is sticking to a reminiscence from their background. Jonathan Goldstein, the program’s presenter, attempts to help individuals appreciate their missteps and how they might compensate or address their concerns. It’s a philosophical and comforting series that analyzes moral failings, but it’s also pretty amusing.