Top 5 Golf cart Bluetooth speakers

Golf cart speaker

There are several essential things that you need to consider when purchasing the Best golf cart speaker. Bluetooth speakers have been embraced in the recent past.

However, we have several Bluetooth speakers in the market. We have simplified the specification that should be given priority. If you keep in mind all these considerations, you will get yourself the speaker you have been yearning for. Below is a breakdown of the things that should be given top priority when you are purchasing a speaker.

Operation mode

Are you aware that we have different functions of a speaker other than playing music? If you are purchasing a golf cart speaker to play music, most brands got you covered.

Currently, we love speakers that have additional functionalities such as Google voice commands and Siri. In addition, you’d like a Bluetooth speaker with extra inputs such as a flash disk or SD cards. Therefore, before you make a purchase, check if those features are included.

Ease of installation

For any golf cart speaker to function well, you must be installed properly. If you are not using a technician in the installation process, considering your technical skills is essential.

The installation process lies under two categories; permanent or portable.  For portable installation, using a carabineer or a cup holder may be easy for anyone to install, unlike the permanent structure.

Speaker drivers and capability

 I am obsessed with booming sounds. For a Bluetooth speaker, the drivers play the most prominent role in determining the quality of sound that they produce. The total output should also be high enough to accommodate the booming music. You can know your speaker’s creation from reading the speaker case. Power output abbreviated as W, meaning watts.

Features & Durability

When going onto the golf course, there are features that you would like your Bluetooth speaker to possess. The essential components include water-proofing, dust-proofing shock- proofing, and drop-proofing. These features keep your speaker in good condition for the longest time possible.

Battery range and Runtime

We all love portable speakers that can store much power, which can serve you on the golf course, don’t you? Therefore, you should pay close attention to battery capacity before purchasing. In addition, speakers are more often used as power banks to charge other devices accordingly. Consider a large capacity battery.

Wireless Range

The wireless range is one of the most important considerations that you need to make. It is annoying that it can no longer play the music when you move some distance from your speaker. Some speakers have a wireless range of up to 100 feet. Any brand that you are going for ensuring that you know its wireless coverage.


Not every speaker is suitable for your golf cart. To maximize the experience you will get from your chosen product, these factors are crucial. When you get into a store, check if everything is according to your desires. If you closely consider the above specifications, then you will the best product.

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