What Should You Know About Grav Bongs?

Grav Bongs

There are several ways of smoking a herb, one of which is gravity bongs. It is a device that uses both water and smoke to extract the smoke from the bowl. Even though smoking enthusiasts used plastic bottles to make them for a long time, they are now available in clean and attractive glass Grav Bongs.


Ever since their introduction, they have become immensely popular with smokers. Today, you can find them in different types of sizes, colors, prices, and features. Here is how Grav bongs work, their benefits, and other related information. 

How do Grav bongs work?

A gravity bong uses gravity to pull the smoke into the bong and eventually into your lungs. The device consists of a two-piece chamber that is placed together. The larger chamber stores the water while the smaller compartment keeps the bowl steady and captures the smoke. The proper way of using the bong is to light the bowl of flowers attached to the smaller chamber while ensuring that it is slightly lifted out of the water. That creates a vacuum from the water pressure by extracting the smoke from the bowl into the chamber. When filled with as much smoke as you want, remove the bowl and inhale while pushing the chamber downwards into the water simultaneously. When you move it downwards and inhale simultaneously, it leads the smoke to enter your lungs. The feeling you experience is unlike any other you might have ever experienced. 

Why is it so popular?

A gravity bong gives you a surreal feeling with every hit you take. Unlike a regular bong where you have to take multiple hits, one long hit is usually enough with these types of bongs. It is also cost-effective since you will have to replace the bowl pack only a couple of times, and since the bowl piece itself is not large, you won’t require a lot of herbs. If you decide to buy a larger-sized bong, that is even better since it will last long. However, it will cost more than the regular-sized ones. Another reason why it is so popular is that you can clean it quite easily.

Can anybody use them?

Ideally, anybody can use gravity bongs, regardless of beginners or advanced smokers. However, if you are new to this smoking method, it is better to take some time to get used to the hits it provides. It is different from smoking a pipe, chillum, or even a cigarette because it forces concentrated smoke into the lungs without cooling or filtering it. 

Different types of bongs

There are many types of bongs you can choose from, depending on your preferences. Some of these that enjoy enormous popularity with smokers are Gravitron, coffee mug, small broad base, wedge bubbler, conical pocket bubbler, martini shaker, slush cup, and straight large. All of these are usually available in two colors: clear and black. 

What materials are used to make them?

A special kind of glass called borosilicate is used to make glass bongs as it has a high silica content and is incredibly heat-tolerant. This glass can even withstand very high temperatures without affecting the quality or taste of the smoke in any way. 

How to clean the bong?

The easiest way of cleaning your bong is using an isopropyl and table salt solution. However, the isopropyl should have an alcohol concentration of 91% to 99% for you to get the best results. You should mix an equal amount of the alcohol and salt in a bowl or Tupperware that is large enough to fit the bowl or any other piece you want to clean. Let it soak for a day at least. Then, rinse it with lukewarm water and give it some time to dry before using it again. 


These were the essential things related to Grav bongs that you should know if you are using them first. It is an incredible device that lets you experience an otherworldly feeling in a stylish, practical, and convenient way. 


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