LG 4K HDR Monitors Coming to CES 2017

LG announces today that it will launch LG 4K HDR monitors at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas in the next month. LG plans to launch 32-inch UHD 4K monitor along with the higher-end Ultrawide Mobile Monitor with Chromecast support and Ultrawide Gaming monitor for the gaming lovers.


LG’s 32-inch UHD 4K monitor

LG’s 32-inch UHD 4K monitor (model 32UD99) with 3840 × 2160 pixels and supports the HDR10 standard, which delivers enhanced brightness levels and a wide color gamut image. HDR10 standard increases the monitor’s peak brightness and enabling users to edit movies and photographs much more comfortably. The IPS screen can display over 95 percent of the DCL-P3 color space and has USB-C connectivity so you can charge your laptop and stream images to the monitor with a single cable. And the monitor built-in speakers pack a punch with LG’s Rich Bass technology for a full-bodied audio experience.

Ultrawide Mobile Monitor

Along with model 32UD99, LG will also be showcasing the 34-inch 21:9 Ultrawide Mobile Monitor (model 34UM79M). The 34UM79M model is the world’s first Chromecast-enabled multimedia monitor, allowing users to seamlessly stream their favorite movies, music, games and more from mobile devices directly to the monitor. LG’s Ultrawide monitor offers multitask between the PC and the mobile devices using a single screen. And the Dual Controller Plus features offers the users to control both the PC and a smartphone or tablet via a single keyboard and mouse. It allows for the control of many of the monitor’s settings. Such as input, aspect ratio, volume, PBP/PIP, etc.

Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

And will also launch LG;s 34-inch 21:9 Ultrawide gaming Monitor (model 34UC99). This model equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, Dynamic Action Sync and Black Stabilizer. LG adds others impressive features to maximize the PC gaming experience.