China praises Taliban, seeks support to drive out Uyghur militants from Afghanistan

China praises Taliban, seeks support to drive out Uyghur militants from Afghanistan

China's support to Taliban, which wreaked havoc in Afghanistan, sought help on Uighurs

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Taliban representative Mullah Baradar in Tianjin on 28 July&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP

Beijing/Tianjin : China on Wednesday met Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and praised the extremist group, describing it as a “significant military and political force” in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, China asked the Taliban to “sever ties” with all terrorist groups, “especially the Uighur Muslim extremist group East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) in Xinjiang.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Mullah Baradar in Tianjin amid concerns about the reorganization of the ETIM. China believes that ETIM is behind all the violent attacks in Xinjiang province and other areas of the country. During the meeting, Yi called on Baradar to “build a positive image and a broad and inclusive political structure that is compatible with the national reality of Afghanistan.”

Taliban on China tour

A Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar made a surprise visit to China on Wednesday and held talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. During the talks, the Taliban described Beijing as a “trusted friend” and assured that the group would not allow “anyone to use the territory of Afghanistan”.

This is the first meeting between the Taliban and China since the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken control of much of the territory occupied by government forces, prompting China to worry that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a Uyghur militant group from its volatile Xinjiang province, may infiltrate through the Afghan border.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian confirmed at a media briefing that a delegation led by Baradar met Wang in the port city of Tianjin, near Beijing. The ministry also shared on social media photographs of Wang’s meeting with Baradar and his delegation.

joint action plan

A few days before this meeting, on July 25, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi met Wang in the city of Chengdu and both countries announced that Pakistan and China would take “joint action” to drive out terrorist forces in Afghanistan. plan to start.

During Wednesday’s talks, Wang expressed hope that the Taliban could draw a line between themselves and the ETIM, Zhao read a press release issued after Wang and Baradar’s meeting. This will create a favorable situation for the elimination of terrorism.

‘China trusted friend’

A recent UN report said hundreds of ETIM fighters have gathered in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province, which borders China’s unstable Xinjiang province. Wang said the ETIM is a listed terrorist organization that poses a threat to territorial integrity. Baradar said, ‘China is a trusted friend.’

“They appreciated China’s fair and positive role in the reconciliation process,” the release said. “Afghanistan will not allow anyone to use its territory for anything that undermines the interests of its people,” Baradar said without referring to the ETIM.

“Afghanistan would like to build friendly relations with its neighbours,” Baradar said. Afghanistan Taliban would like to have more partners for future development.

What did the Taliban say about women and children?

“The Afghan Taliban will create a conducive environment for investment and will make relevant efforts in this regard,” he said. “Afghanistan has the seriousness to reach reconciliation and wants to create a framework that is acceptable to all factions,” he said. The Taliban will ensure the rights of women and children.

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“We respect the sovereignty and integrity of Afghanistan,” Wang said. We do not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. We follow a friendly policy towards the people of Afghanistan.

He told Baradar that after the hasty departure of US and other NATO troops, the Afghan people have new opportunities for sustainable development of their own country. Describing Afghanistan as an important military power, Wang said China is ready to play a constructive role in Afghanistan’s peace and reconciliation process.

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