3 major differences between upcoming games

3 major differences between upcoming games

The gaming world is excited with the recent Battlegrounds Mobile India updates. After many days of waiting, players were given some key information through the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services released by Krafton Inc.

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PUBG New State is an upcoming battle royale title that will have a futuristic backdrop. The game is set in the year 2051, and players will land on a map named Troi to fight for their survival.

Assessing Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG New State to ascertain the three significant differences between them

#1 – Backdrop

The futuristic backdrop of PUBG New State (Image via Google Play Store)
The futuristic backdrop of PUBG New State (Image via Google Play Store)

PUBG New State will have a futuristic backdrop, and players will be able to use ultra-modern weaponry to destroy enemies. The game will also have the option of weapon customization.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will not have a futuristic backdrop. Since it is just the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, the gameplay of the title will be similar to the base game.

#2 – Target audience

It is well known that Battlegrounds Mobile India is targeted at Indian mobile gamers. For this reason, there are restrictions with regards to the time and amount spent on in-game cosmetics for underage players. Moreover, the game’s developers have also guaranteed that the personal data of players will be saved on servers in India and Singapore only.

PUBG New State is a brand-new game that will be available globally. Till now, no information has been revealed about data storage or in-game restrictions.

#3 – Pre-registration

Krafton revealed that the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India would be exclusive to Indian mobile gamers only. The date for the same has not been announced, however.

The pre-registration for PUBG New State has already started globally. However, it is not available for players from India, China, and Vietnam. Players who do not belong to these three countries can click here to pre-register.

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Note: Not much is revealed about both the games. Players will learn more about the differences between after the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG New State.

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