Adnan Sami Weight Loss: The doctor gave an ultimatum to Adnan Sami of 230KG, reduced 130 kg in just 11 months

Adnan Sami Weight Loss: The doctor gave an ultimatum to Adnan Sami of 230KG, reduced 130 kg in just 11 months

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  • In the year 2006, Adnan Sami had reduced the weight of 160 kg.
  • Adnan had lost 130 kg in just 11 months.
  • Walking, diet and workout was Adnan Sami’s weight loss plan.

Adnan Sami Weight Loss Story: Adnan Sami, a well-known musician of the Bollywood industry, is famous all over the world for his voice. Often he remains in the discussion, but when he had reduced his weight of 160 kg, then everyone’s eyes were fixed on Adnan Sami. By 2006, Adnan Sami’s weight had increased to 230 kg. After which he insisted on reducing his weight. Amidst his weight loss transformation, Adnan has lost around 160 kg. Adnan attracted everyone because of his weight loss. Adnan Sami’s weight loss transformation is one of the most shocking in Bollywood. He had lost 130 kg in about 11 months. The thing to note is that Adnan had lost weight without resorting to doctor and surgery.

Got an ultimatum from the doctor

Adnan, 230 kg, was warned by the doctor that if his weight continued to increase for 6 months, then it would be difficult for him to live long. Adnan Sami insisted on losing weight after being warned by the doctor. Adnan’s strong will helped him a lot in losing weight. Along with this, he also laid great emphasis on balanced diet and workouts.

How was Adnan’s work out

Workout has played an important role in Adnan’s weight loss. But due to being overweight, the doctor had initially advised him to go for walking. When his weight started decreasing due to walking and balanced diet. Then the doctor advised him to run on the treadmill. After that he used to do cardio and strength training. A big change was seen in his weight due to regular training. After the weight transformation, there were many positive changes in him.

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Adnan’s morning used to be like this

Adnan Sami’s mission used to start as soon as the day started. He used to drink sugar free tea after waking up in the morning. According to his diet, he used to eat veg salad in lunch and boiled lentils in dinner. During this, he did not even touch oily food, alcohol and sugar. He used to eat food without oil.

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