Anup Jalota Birthday Facts in Hindi

Anup Jalota Birthday Facts in Hindi

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspInstagram


  • Anoop Jalota has made his identity as a bhajan singer
  • The singer, who is called Bhajan Samrat, has received the Padma Shri award
  • 3 weddings and affair with Jasleen Matharu also made headlines in personal life

Mumbai: Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota is popularly known for his contribution in the field of music both as a singer and composer. Some of his popular bhajans include songs like ‘Aisi Lagi Lagan’, ‘Main Nahi Makhan Khayo’, ‘Rang De Chunariya’ and many more. He is celebrating his 68th birthday on 29th July.

Do you know that apart from singing, Anup Jalota has also worked as a television presenter for some time. There are many other facts about famous bhajan singer Anoop Jalota which few people know. Scroll down to know:

1. Anup Jalota’s 3 marriages and relationship with Jasleen Matharu:

Rumors about Anoop Jalota’s alleged affair with his 28-year-old Jasleen Matharu had been doing the rounds sometime back when both were seen in the TV reality show Bigg Boss. However, if you thought that this is the first time that Anoop has been in turmoil in his love life, then you are wrong. Anup Jalota had three marriages before Jasleen Matharu.

anup jalota and jasleen matharu

Anoop Jalota’s first wife’s name is Sonali Seth. She was a Gujarati girl who never got approval from Anoop’s family. They became one of the best couples on a professional basis. However, this also did not last long, and the two parted ways. After this Sonali married Roop Kumar Rathod. After this, following the traditional method, Anup Jalota married Bina Bhatia. However, after that both of them got divorced.

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Anoop Jalota again became the center of attraction for the third time when he married Medha Gujral. She is the former Prime Minister of India, I.K. Gujral’s niece. The two gave birth to a lovely son Aryaman and became parents. Unfortunately, destiny played its game again and Medha passed away due to liver failure.

2. Home Started Training:

Anoop Jalota is not the first person in his family to adopt devotional and classical singing. His father Late Purushottam Das Jalota was a famous classical singer of his time. He was Anoop’s first teacher during his learning days. The present Bhajan Samrat started his training from the young age of seven.

3. Once upon a time, Anup Jalota was identified with cricket as well:

Those who know Anup Jalota cannot imagine him as any other than a singer. He keeps the image of playing harmonium only in the hearts and minds of the people. But during his college days there was something other than music that kept him in the news. Anup Jalota used to play cricket during his college days and then he was counted among the good batsmen.

Anup Jalota Facts in Hindi

4. Anoop’s radio identity:

When Anup Jalota was initially in Mumbai, he too was treated like any other struggling artist. However, things took a different turn when he got his first job as a chorus singer at a national radio station. He was usually supported by a team of guitarists, violinists, santoor, dholak, sarod, sarangi, sitar and tabla players. This is where his journey in the world of music started.

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5. Heights of Success:

Anoop Jalota recorded many songs which did well in the market. However, no major recognition could be found initially. It was ‘Sai Baba of Shirdi’ who helped him gain recognition. Manoj Kumar recorded four songs with Anoop for the film and they became a huge hit. This success brought Anoop the fame he had been waiting for.

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6. Anoop Jalota is honored with Padma Shri:

Anoop Jalota has given some of the best Indian classical tunes to the music world. In 2012, he got due recognition for this. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in the field of Art-Indian Classical Music-Singing.

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