Get to Know the Ways on How to Add Music to iMovie

How to Add Music to iMovie

While iMovie is free for Apple users, there will be a short adjustment period when you use it. And something as basic as applying music to any project sometimes seems complicated when you don’t even know where to look, but still, it doesn’t seem to be.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding Music to iMovie

It’s straightforward how to add music to iMovie. Everything it needs is a slight clicking and dropping, even if you’re to use an iPad, iPhone, or Macbook!

How to Add Music to iMovie
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How to include music in Mac’s iMovie:

  • Choose “Music” from the menu bar after starting your iMovie creation. It will be to the left of “Titles” and the right of “My Media.”
  • It will lead users to the “Music” option, in which all stored audio files are kept. Whether you’re like us and get a thousand pieces of music, you could scroll through and pick the music you need, and you can search anything in the search area!
  • Drag and drop the song onto the composition timeline following double-clicking it to play it. Drag the music just underneath the beginning of a preferred clip if you need it to begin in rhythm with that as well. Once you do this, a link tying the music to the video will start showing up. It indicates that now the sound will match the video when it is moved.
  • You finally found how to include music in Mac’s iMovie. You may also instantly drag sound clips from the Finder into your iMovie composition if you want to keep things interesting.

You Like to Know How to Add Music to iMovie on iPhone or iPad:

  • When entering your iMovie creation, choose “Add Media” from the submenu. It resembles a small plus symbol.
  • Select “Audio” and afterward “Add Music.” The music you have acquired from Apple and any music directly imported or linked to your gadget will also be accessible to anyone.
  • If the track you desire is the one you selected, press the “Add Music” option. It resembles the “Add Media” option and yet is round instead. It is displayed beside the track you are picking.
  • You’re completed! You’ve learned how to add music to iMovie on the iPad and iPhone. You should drag the song from the start of a project, which will instantly be loaded, to where ever you want it.


You Can Add Other Audio Files

You can add sound files stored on your device, on local drives, or in other storage, including MP4, MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats.

  • Scroll the timeframe in your iMovie creation until the desired portion shows where you would like to add the audio recording if the sound you would really like to add is within a minute segment.
  • To search documents in iCloud Drive or other places, tap Add Media and click Folders.
  • To provide a document in any work, click on it.

A soundtrack you add to the application that is longer than a moment functions like such a track. Anywhere the play was set, documents under one minute in duration showed.

How to Add Music to iMovie
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What Music is Allowed for Use in iMovie?

Make sure you own the permissions to the music, whether you’re uploading a set to music footage on a medium that is accessible to the public. If otherwise, the proper owner may take steps to demonetize your material, have your clip restricted, or have it deleted!


Is There Any Free Music in iMovie?

Yes! Just use a minimal number of melodies and soundtrack that Apple provides if users wish to add music to iMovie on a Mac. To enable this, go to the “Audio” menu and click the “Sound Effects” button, which is found just on the left.


Is the Music in iMovie a Free License?

This song could be used by you without pay, owing to Apple’s full license. You could use the iMovie standard audio in your creations without agreeing to spend any charges since it is accessible on a royalty-free premise. You can drag and drop music from the iMovie library into any composition, just like you’d in your file system, so there is an essential screening and searching feature.

How to Add Music to iMovie
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You can Edit Music in iMovie

Here’s how to begin editing the clip when learning how to add music to iMovie:

  1. Control the Volume: To adjust the line in the song’s midpoint, click and drag it. More loudness is shown by going up, and conversely.
  2. Audio is Faded in: To generate a fade-in or fade-out feature, select the circular that displays along either end of the track and take a step to the right or left, as needed.
  3. To Instantly Improve the Music: click the loudspeaker button in the top sidebar, then choose Auto.
  4. Minimize Ambient Sound: Check a box in front of it to Decrease ambient sound, and then use the adjuster to modify the effects by pressing the sound level icon (usually displayed as lines of different lengths) in the menu just above the movie sample.
  5. Apply a default Equalizer: Choose a setting from the drop-down list next to Equalizer, and tap the sound level tab.


Why is All Song not Suitable with iMovie?

Although if you purchased the tune on your Mac, there are circumstances when you aren’t able to add that to your iMovie clip because it won’t be available in the browser. This one is presumably since the creator of the music’s copyright has directly prohibited the implementation of their content in outside works. It’s disappointing, however, at the final moment of a day, they must choose who can or cannot use the music.



Secured files in your music collection are not accessible and therefore do not appear in the browser. You must have been the soundtrack’s copyright owner or the rights owner’s specific approval to use a track you acquired from the reputable site in your presentation. Check the iMovie program license agreement by selecting iMovie > About iMovie, following clicking Terms And conditions for further details on accessing material in iMovie.