Which game has a better battle royale experience after the latest updates?

Which game has a better battle royale experience after the latest updates?

PUBG Mobile Lite and COD Mobile do not really parallel each other when it comes to the gameplay experience, graphics, or device optimization. Each game has a different approach and a very different player base to cater to.

While PUBG Mobile Lite focuses on catering to players with low-end Android devices, COD Mobile, on the other hand offers a better graphic-rich experience to players on mid-range devices and above.

PUBG Mobile Lite has released its Season 24 update and COD Mobile players also have seen the launch of Season 3. This article will take a look at the gameplay and graphics experience of both these games to see which will provide a better battle royale experience after the latest updates.

Comparing the battle royale experience of COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite


COD Mobile’s gameplay action is smooth, and its Battle Royale mode is heavily influenced by arcade-style gaming. For those who like fast-paced action, this title is an excellent choice. COD Mobile provides fast outcomes, quick in-game movement, and a speedy gameplay style.

In contrast, PUBG Mobile Lite is much slower than its original variant, PUBG Mobile. It is more oriented toward a realistic and lifelike approach to battle royale games.

In-game features

COD Mobile’s massive range of weapons and impressive BR features have larger maps and more dynamic in-game functionality, such as using the BR class, zip-lining, and riding a helicopter. The game add more such features with every update.

In-game content for PUBG Mobile Lite is not as diverse as COD Mobile. Even after the update, the features are practical while keeping the game as simple and natural as possible. There is no other exceptional attributes that it offers to its players.


Graphics comparison
Graphics comparison

For high-end smartphones, COD Mobile offers high-frame-rate graphic options. They have frame diagrams that are both crisp and textured. Both games have extremely complex map textures that enhance the player’s experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite, being a lighter variant, does not support very high-quality visuals but offers a decent experience on low-end devices. However, it delivers a 60 FPS frame rate experience on mid-range devices and above.

Verdict: Which is better?

Both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are great titles in their own unique ways in the battle royale genre. However, COD Mobile is far better in both BR experience and graphics when the device requirement is not a concern.

Though both have different styles and approaches towards the battle royale experience on the virtual battlefield. COD Mobile delivers a much more diverse gameplay experience and also has rich, detailed maps when compared to PUBG Mobile Lite.

Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the author’s opinions. Players can choose whichever game they’d like to play.

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