Guava side effects Such people should not eat guava even by mistake

Guava side effects Such people should not eat guava even by mistake

Keep these things in mind while eating guava (pic: Istock)

Keep these things in mind while eating guava (pic: Istock)&nbsp


  • Guava contains a lot of sugar, so sugar patients should take care of it.
  • Eating guava at the wrong time can lead to other problems including the digestive system.
  • Selected compounds present in guava can cause harm instead of benefit.

Eating Guava Disadvantages : Guava is a nutritious fruit. It is a beneficial fruit due to its low calorie content and abundant fiber. Several studies show that eating guava leaf extracts boosts the heart, digestive and immune systems. However, there are some such compounds in guava, which are not considered beneficial for everyone. If you are suffering from some selected diseases, then they should not eat guava, it can cause harm.

flatulence problem

Guava is rich in vitamin C and fructose. If someone has problems with flatulence, then they should avoid its consumption. Because it contains soluble vitamins, our body has difficulty absorbing too much vitamin C. Inflammation can occur from exposure to too much vitamin C. Due to the high amount of fructose, natural sugar is not absorbed by the body, which leads to bloating.

disturbances in the digestive system

Guava is rich in fiber, but if someone has a problem of constipation and consumes guava in excess, then the digestive system can be disturbed. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, the body will not be able to absorb fructose completely.

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Take care of sugar patients

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Guava is one of the favorite fruits for people suffering from diabetes due to its low glycemic index. But take special care while including it in the diet. Because 100 grams of chopped guava contains 9 grams of natural sugar. Eating too many guavas in one go can increase the blood sugar level.

don’t eat in cold

Guava has a cooling effect. Therefore, avoid eating it if you have a cold or cough. Apart from this, do not eat guava at night at all. This can lead to cold. Due to which digestion may also worsen.

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