Lucknow: Slapbaaz girl claims someone wants to force me into unrequited love

Lucknow: Slapbaaz girl claims someone wants to force me into unrequited love

Lucknow girl claims someone wants to force me into unrequited love

Somebody wants to force me into unrequited love: Thappad Girl&nbsp


  • New claim of Lucknow girl who beat up cab driver at crossroads
  • Somebody wants to love me forcibly – Priyadarshini Yadav
  • Priyadarshini Yadav wants to finish the case by patching up with the cab driver

LucknowLucknow’s Priyadarshini Yadav, who came into the limelight after beating a cab driver, is in the headlines these days. Sometimes videos of him beating up a cab driver and sometimes fighting with neighbors over black paint have gone viral. A case has also been filed against Priyadarshini in Lucknow for beating up a cab driver, but she has not been arrested yet. Meanwhile, Priyadarshini made a claim which is strange.

One sided love also claim
According to the news of Aaj Tak, Priyadarshini claims that some people are following her for months and it could be one sided love too. It could also be that someone wants to get me forcibly. Earlier, Priyadarshini Yadav, who was facing criticism from people on social media, is now on the back foot and does not want to pursue the case of beating of the cab driver and wants to patch up. However on the other hand she says that if the driver doesn’t patch then she will beat him in the case.

said this thing
Earlier, Priyadarshini had said that her career may also be affected after the video goes viral. Priyadarshini claimed that if the police had acted properly, she would not have faced the brunt of slapping nor would she have had to take law into her own hands. For the past few days, Priyadarshini has been talking to various media channels and is also making different claims.

had beaten up the cab driver
Let us tell you that at a crossroads in Lucknow, Priyadarshini Yadav had thrashed the driver, accusing him of speeding driving and trying to kill him. Priyadarshini had claimed that the driver had violated the traffic rules and during this he jumped and slapped the driver several times and also broke the mirror glass of the car. Not only this, Priyadarshini had a scuffle with the rescuers as well. Priyadarshini’s pole was exposed when CCTV footage surfaced in which she herself was seen crossing the road despite being a red line and forcibly thrashed the driver.

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