New anti-cheat system bans 1,650,625 accounts this week

New anti-cheat system bans 1,650,625 accounts this week

With the rise of Mobile Gaming in the past few years, there is a substantial increase in the emergence of hackers. PUBG Mobile, one of the leaders in the industry, is often attacked by hackers. Hacks like Auto-Aim, X-Ray Vision, etc are quite common among cheaters. Their repeated use not only disrupts the regular players but also degrades the game’s value.

PUBG Mobile Anti cheating reports
PUBG Mobile Anti cheating reports

To keep hackers at bay, developers regularly update their anti-cheat systems, which not only flushes out cracks but also suspends their account. PUBG Mobile also encourages players to report cheaters if found during the game.

Along with this, officials have also put out weekly reports reporting the number of accounts suspended for indulging in cheating.

A total of 1,650,625 accounts were banned by officials for cheating from April 30th to May 6th.

Break-up of the banned PUBG Mobile accounts

38% of the accounts banned were of Bronze level (first tier) which shows the efficacy of the anti-cheat system. 12% of the accounts banned were of Sliver level while 8% and 9% were of Gold and Platinum levels respectively.

23% of accounts banned (11% diamond and 12% Crown) were of mid-tier while 9% of the Ace accounts were banned. Conqueror accounts consisted of 1% of total accounts banned.

Breakdown of cheats used this week:

Auto Aim (25%):- It enables hackers to aim automatically towards the enemy.

X-Ray Vision (21%): Help cheaters in seeing through solid objects i.e see-through walls, trees, etc.

Speed Hacks (20%): This allows the cheater to move at a much quicker speed than normal players.

Modification of Character Model (18%): Cheaters can modify their character to gain an unfair advantage.

Modification of Area Damage (5%): This allows the cheaters to increase the area of enemies hitbox thus inflicting more damage.

Others (11%): Miscellaneous cheat.

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