Taliban News Latest: Intensifying resistance against Taliban in Panjshir Valley

Taliban News Latest: Intensifying resistance against Taliban in Panjshir Valley

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Taliban opposition intensifies in Panjshir Valley, responds to guerrilla warfare&nbsp

New Delhi. The Panjshir Valley is the last area left for Afghanistan, where its hold has not been strengthened. Anti-Taliban forces here are working on a guerrilla movement to deal with the Islamic fundamentalist group. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Taliban resistance in the Panjshir Valley under the leadership of Vice President Amrullah Saleh and Ahmed Masood, the son of a famous anti-Taliban fighter Happening.

“The Taliban do not have control over the entire territory of Afghanistan,” Lavrov told reporters at a news conference in Moscow after meeting with his Libyan counterpart. Where the resistance of Afghanistan’s Vice President Saleh and Ahmed Masood are concentrated.”

The Panjshir Valley, northeast of Kabul, is Afghanistan’s last remaining catchment, which is known for its natural defences. including ousted Saleh and former Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi.

Saleh has declared himself the caretaker president of Afghanistan after ousted President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. “I will never and under any circumstances bow down to Taliban terrorists,” Saleh wrote on Twitter. I am my hero, Commander. I will never betray the soul and legacy of legend and guide Ahmed Shah Masood.”

France 24 reported that in a photo released after Ghani had fled the country, Ahmed Massoud is seated under a portrait of his father and the great Afghan resistance hero, Ahmed Shah Massoud. Next to him is Saleh at an undisclosed location in the Panjshir Valley. Two men are now calling for retaliation against the Taliban in the direction of resistance. The Panjshir Valley has repeatedly played a decisive role in Afghanistan’s military history, as its The geographical location cuts it off almost completely from the rest of the country. The only access point to the region is through a narrow passage formed by the Panjshir River, which can be easily avoided militarily.

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Known for its natural defenses, the region nestled in the Hindu Kush mountains never fell into the hands of the Taliban during the 1990 civil war, nor was it conquered by the Soviet Union (Russia) a decade before that. DW reported that this is now Afghanistan’s last remaining holdout. That is, the Taliban have not yet been able to establish their control over the region. Most of the 150,000 inhabitants of the valley are of the Tajik ethnic group, while the majority of the Taliban are Pashtuns.

The valley is also known for its emeralds, which were used in the past to finance resistance movements against those in power. Now, Ahmed Shah Masood’s son, Ahmed Masood, says that he is his ‘father’. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father. Guerrillas are seen gathering the movement’s opening contingents to fight the Taliban.

Masood has also called on the US to supply arms and ammunition to his militias. In an op-ed in The Washington Post, Ahmed Masood has backed his fighters, saying that America is still a big part of democracy. The armory could be there. “I am writing today with Mujahideen fighters ready to follow in my father’s footsteps from the Panjshir Valley, ready to once again take on the Taliban,” she said.

Russia also stressed on Thursday that a resistance movement was forming in the Panjshir Valley under the leadership of Saleh and Masood. “The Taliban do not have control over the entire region of Afghanistan,” Lavrov said. How strong is this new anti-Taliban resistance movement and how the new ruler of Kabul will react to it.

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