Taliban rule in Afghanistan, China says ready for ‘friendly relations’

Taliban rule in Afghanistan, China says ready for ‘friendly relations’


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Beijing: The Taliban has completely taken control of Afghanistan. This has caused a lot of chaos. Meanwhile, China said on Monday that it was ready to develop “friendly relations” with the Taliban. “China respects the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their fate and wants to continue to develop friendly and cooperative relations with Afghanistan,” foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told reporters.

Earlier, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also welcomed the Taliban. Imran says that he [तालिबान] The chains of mental slavery have been broken in Afghanistan.

China in the mood to shock America!

The Taliban’s bloody game in Afghanistan is being strongly condemned, but the Chinese dragon and its Iron Brother Pakistan are recognizing the Taliban regime. This move by China could deal a big blow to the Biden administration of America, which is planning to impose very tough sanctions against the Taliban in response to violence. The Chinese border with Afghanistan is now under the control of the Taliban. With Chinese bets, now America’s strategy of putting pressure on the Taliban in Qatar is also proving to be a failure.

This is Chinese strategy

China has already made an agreement with the Taliban that they will not allow Uighur insurgents to enter their territory. If there is stability in Afghanistan, then China will use its natural resources of more than one trillion dollars to its advantage. A recent US intelligence report says that China’s interest in Afghanistan’s economic resources has increased significantly. For this reason, he wants to speed up the construction of his road to the Afghan border. China is eyeing Afghan mines where gold, copper and many precious metals are hidden.

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