Who Is The Best Character In Free Fire 2020, Latest Free Fire New Update

Who Is The Best Character In Free Fire 2020, Latest Free Fire New Update

Free Fire

Free Fire is a popular battle Royale worldwide. Free Fire game has a massive player base of over 100 million peak daily active users. Free Fire is still immensely popular three years after its release. The games have recently achieved a record of daily active users. Free Fire game was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. 

Best Character In Free Fire

Free Fire has over 31 available characters, with each having its unique ability. These special abilities come into the help of the players on the battlefield. The characters are chosen based on their skills and in-game performance. Each character- except Adam and Eve- has its own ability that can come up clutch while fighting against enemies. With every update of the Free Fire game, the developers usually add a new character. Players can acquire any of the 31 characters available in the game.

List of Best Character In Free Fire

In the Free Fire battle royale game, thereof different characters the players can choose depending on the playstyle and abilities of the characters  List of Best Character In Free Fire are:

#1 DJ Alok

DJ Alok is considered as the best character in the game, due to his ability called ‘Drop the Beat’. The players can acquire DJ Alok from the in-game store for a total of 599 Diamonds.

#2 Paloma

Paloma character in Free Fire has the ability to increase additional ammunitions to be picked up. Players can acquire her with 499 Diamonds or 8000 Coins.

#3 Luqueta

Luqueta was recently added to Free Fire. He is an up and rising soccer star. His ability, Hat Trick, increases the maximum HP by 18-35 points per kill. 

#4 Kelly

Kelly character will help the players to move around quickly on the battlefield. Her ability will help them rotate faster compared to other characters. At the maximum level, the sprinting speed increases by 5 per cent. Kelly can be acquired by the players for 199 diamonds or 2000 coins.

#5 Jota

Jota character is preferred by players who use SMGs and shotguns frequently. The players regain HP, with each kill using one of these two firearms. They can restore 40 HP per kill. Jota character can be acquired for 499 diamonds.

#6 Laura

Laura is one of the preferred characters in Free Fire if you are into long scoped-in fights in Free Fire. She is a Sharp Shooter. At the maximum level, she can gain up to 30% increase while scoped in.

#7 Antonio

Antonio is one of the characters preferred by a lot of players in Free Fire. With this character, the users will receive an additional 35 HP, if they start the Battle Royale match at 235 HP. Antonio character costs 499 diamonds, or 8000 gold.

#8 Kla

Kla Character is a famous martial artist who practices Muay Thai. His ability is his punches that cause a lot of damage, that is, Break anything and everything. Kla can be acquired in the shop with either 499 diamonds or 8000 coins.

#9 Kapella

Kapella character in Free Fire is a popular pop singer and star. She increases the effects of healing items and the healing skills by 10 per cent. Kapella reduces the HP when downed by 20%. At the maximum level, the healing item effects is increased by 20%, and HP loss is reduced when downed by 30%.

#10 Wukong

Wukong character was introduced on January 1, 2019. It is one of the more popular characters in the Free FIre game. Wukong can be acquired by the user with 499 diamonds.

#11 Moco

Moco in Free Fire is a female character. She has the ability to allow players to tagged enemies shot. Players can acquire the character with 499 Diamonds or 8000 Coins.

#12 Andrew

Andrew character is one of the strongest characters in Free-Fire Battlegrounds. He is a Vest Specialist. He increases the durability of armour vests by reducing the damage they take by all sources. He can be acquired for free in a Log-In bonus.

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